Micro Service Millionaire Review & OTO – Micro Service Millionaire Masterclass By Ben Adkins Review

Micro Service Millionaire OTO 1st – 2nd Reviews: There is a front end offer & 2 other OTOs. The 1st is THE “ONE HOUR SOCIAL” PROGRAM, the 2nd Micro Service Millionaire OTO is THE “STRATEGY SESSION MASTERY” PROGRAM. The product is by Dr. Ben Adkins. All the links >>>

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For many people, the more successful their business becomes, the harder it gets to continue to deliver a quality product. This happens because more demand for a product or service doesn’t always equal growing income and profits.

And this is where a business becomes a burden on aspiring entrepreneurs.

Inside “Micro Service Millionaire”, Dr. Ben Adkins walks you through how to fix the “scaling problem” and how to build a wildly successful business by providing digital “micro-services” to brick and mortar business owners all over the world.

Inside you Learn exactly how to build a 10k/month agency by selling access to simple services that everyone needs… that can be set up in under an hour (and then you get paid $100-1000/month per client for the rest of the year).

THE BEST PART: These services can be sold without any face-to-face interaction.

Thanks to Ben Adkins, I get the results I wanted

After years of running a “Micro Service” based Digital Agency, I’ve realized one unfortunate truth about how other people run their online businesses:

Most popular online business models set people up for failure.

Here’s why…

Too many well-intentioned people set out to start an online business, such as a Digital Agency, because they are:

  • Filled with dreams of boosting their monthly income to relieve financial strain.
  • Driven by the desire to quit their 9-5 and forgo those mind-numbing daily commutes.
  • Excited to drastically reduce their workload and design a lifestyle that perfectly suits their goals. A lifestyle that allows them to hop on a plane without asking for vacation time. Or, take a random afternoon off to bring the kids to a ball game. It’s the strong desire to simply enjoy life at their own pace.

But, do you know what usually happens to the folks who take the leap to build their “dream” online-based business or digital agency?…

Issue #1: Struggling to attract new clients. Failing to build a secure client base and often find themselves stuck on an income rollercoaster. Never knowing what the next month will bring or if their bills will be covered. Often because they can’t figure out how to land new clients successfully and consistently. Not realizing that the new customer “bait” they’re using does not work.

Issue #2: They spend so much time delivering the service that they can’t grow. (and they have zero free time to enjoy what they’ve built). They’re often more strapped down than they ever were in a 9-5 job. Unable to take time away because when they’re not physically planted in front of their laptop, they’re not making money. These people get stuck in a “worker bee” mindset. Failing to ever embrace a true boss mentality and the freedom that goes along with it.

Today, I Want to Give You the Resources I’ve Already Built So You Can… Avoid those 2 Major Issues and Focus on Growing Your Digital Agency to $10K/mo in 60 Days using my proven roadmap.

There’s a lot of room for “guessing games” when it comes to building your client base and providing a micro service for business owners. Making it way too easy to fall into one of the traps I’ve mentioned above.

So today, I want to eliminate any possibility of failure. And instead, put you on the fast-track to building a $10,000/mo microservice business.

To do this, I’m extending an exclusive invitation into my private workshop.

Today, you’re invited inside my… MICRO SERVICE MILLIONAIRE

A Private Workshop that Provides You with a Detailed, Systematic Approach to Easily Build Your MicroService Digital Agency to $10,000/month


Creator Ben Adkins
Product Micro Service Millionaire
Launch Date 2022-Jan-25
Launch Time 11:00 EST
Official website READ MORE
Front-End Price $47
Bonus Yes, Huge Bonus
Skill All Level
Guarantee 60-day money-back guarantee
Niche Software
Support Еffесtіvе Rеѕроnѕе
Recommend Highly Recommend!


Here’s What You’ll Learn Inside THEIR Private Workshop That Will Finally Give You The Tools You Need To Grow A Fun, Scalable, And Successful Digital Agency.

  • Part 1: The “Bait And Bee” Funnel (The Charity Partnership Funnel That Changed Everything): Attracting clients is a major obstacle that many struggles to overcome. This “Bait and Bee” funnel uses a strategic “bait” technique that endears prospective clients to your business, while effectively laying the groundwork for an easy sign-up. The funnel continues with “the bee” which covers a quick onboarding approach for fast delivery. This keeps your new client happy while minimizing your workload during set-up
  • Part 2: How To Finding The Perfect Micro Service Client: What is a “perfect” client? They’re often in a niche that suits your agency and personality. They also see your service as a necessity for their own success. Meaning they’ll continue to pay you so you don’t “turn off” the massive benefit you provide their business. In this section, the creators will walk you through finding those “perfect” clients with ease.
  • Part 3: The Ultimate Digital Client Hook: The new customer “bait” is sure to pique their interest. But how do you make a prospect take action and fully commit to your service? The Ultimate Digital Client Hook will strategically light the fire. Motivating prospects to fully commit to your service and become long-time clients.
  • Part 4: The 2022 Ready Sales Pitch That Closes Clients Effortlessly (Proven Over The Last 2 Years During The Pandemic): So many service providers make the mistake of overpowering the client in that critical sales meeting. It’s too easy to scare them away. The 2022 Sales Pitch gives your potential client the opportunity to share their goals. This insight allows you to better appeal to their needs and offers a service that will truly help them. At the end of the day, when clients view your service as a necessity. They’re unlikely to ever want to turn it off!
  • Part 5: The 4 Core MicroServices You Can Offer For $500-$1000/Mo: The creators identified 4 Core MicroServices with 2 key features. First, business owners often view the service as necessary. Making it a much easier sell. Secondly, these services can be automated with software. This does 95% of the work for you. Freeing up your time to find more clients and grow your business. While also relieving your duties when it’s time to enjoy some freedom.
  • Part 6: The Growth Roadmap To $10,000/Mo In 60 Days: This is where it all comes together. You’re looking for quick results and this roadmap will fast-track you to the destination: $10,000/mo. Eliminating any roadblocks and obstacles so you can confidently build your micro-service business.


You Have A Goal To Build Up An Online-Based Business… Inside This Private Workshop, You’ll Be Given The Resources To Do Exactly That, As Quickly As Possible. And yes, I know $10,000/mo can seem like a hefty goal. Especially if you’ve never had substantial success in your own business before. But, inside this private workshop, I’ll show you how to:

  • SLIDE PAST THE “GATEKEEPER” & EASILY ATTRACT NEW CLIENTS WITH A SIMPLE SERVICE THEY KNOW IS NEEDED: Most service providers get stopped at the door. Rarely getting a chance to pitch their service. Let alone actually sign anyone on! But with this proven “bait” technique, you’ll not only slide past the gatekeeper, you’ll easily land one client after another. Using this approach will quickly build your client base with a high success rate.
  • MINIMIZE YOUR WORKLOAD BY USING SOFTWARE THAT DOES 95% OF THE WORK: You can’t grow your client base if you’re constantly tied up with work. Nevermind finding time to enjoy a relaxed lifestyle. There’s only so many hours in a day. Automating your business with software and utilizing proven templates is a key part of this system. I’ll walk you through 4 core services that can be managed using software. Meaning you will have very little “work” to maintain your clients’ happiness.
  • QUICKLY GROW YOUR BUSINESS TO $10,000/MO IN 60 DAYS: 60 days is a fast turnaround! But this workshop removes the guesswork which makes it possible. Every step you take will actively put you one step closer to success. It won’t take long to move through this system and start landing clients. When you consider that client’s will happily pay you $500-$1000/mo for core services I’ll share with you, it won’t take much to build up to $10K/mo. Consider this… even at the “low” end of $500/mo, you only need 20 clients to reach that $10K/mo goal. Equipped with that powerful “bait” strategy, you’ll be up to 20 clients in no time.



Ready to build a business that is designed to let software do 95% of your work?

Discover exactly how we built a 10k+/month “Set it and Forget it Agency” using 4 Micro Services and a clever Local Charity Partnership.


DS: $47

Ready to get more customers without ever having to leave your house?

What if you could get your “Micro Service” Business off the ground 10x as fast by copying Ben’s secret Facebook and Instagram Prospecting System?

Ben Adkins here again and first things first… Congratulations on getting your hands on the “Micro Service Millionaire”!

Inside of the training program that you just purchased, you’re going to learn how to set up your own “Micro Service” based agency and build a business that is run almost entirely by software after a few hours of set up for each customers.

You’ve got everything you need to get started and start making money by helping small businesses grow using our 4 Proven Micro Services.

But Right Now…
Because you just Invested in the “Micro Service Millionaire”…
I want YOU to have an overly unfair advantage over your competition.

You see…
Most don’t fail with their digital agency because they don’t work hard at it.

Most people who fail do so because they aren’t able to consistently get in front of new prospects that are willing to pay them for their services.

I want to give you the systems that I use to GUARANTEE that we get in front of 10 new prospects every single week. All of whom are ideal fits for our “Micro Services”.

And to top it off…
I want to show you how you can do exactly that without ever having to leave your house (using the power of Facebook and Instagram… and a very special prospecting system that I developed).

What I’m about tell you about will allow you to get new leads for your agency without having to ever do face to face prospecting…


I’M INVITING YOU TO WATCH OVER MY SHOULDER… as I walk you through the step-by-step way that I use Facebook and Instagram to find, engage with, and get meetings with the perfect “Micro Service” prospects.

Inside, You’ll Learn:

  • PART 1: THE POWER OF COMMUNITY (HOW TO SELL ON SOCIAL BY NOT FOLLOWING THE PACK). In the first section of this training, I’m going to reveal to you why your social media marketing probably hasn’t been working, and how you can fix it. I’m going to show you how to quickly gather a ton of social currency with potential buyers of your products… and how to do it in just an hour a day.
  • PART 2: SELLING ON FACEBOOK IN 30 MINUTES A DAY (WITHOUT ADS). In this section I’m going to show you exactly how to find the best groups on Facebook to connect with your target audience. I’m then going to walk you through the exact technique that I use to get on the radar of those people and get them to dig further into who I am. Finally, I’m going to walk you through how to setup your personal Facebook page to turn this 30 minute routine into sales of your product (as well as more followers).
  • PART 3: SELLING ON INSTAGRAM IN 30 MINUTES A DAY (WITHOUT ADS). In this section I’m going to show you how to find your ideal customer by leveraging Instagram’s hashtag system. From there I’m going to walk you through exactly what you need to say when you comment on their posts to get on their radar (the right way). Finally, I’ll walk you through exactly how to setup your Instagram profile to turn this 30 minute activity into sales.
  • PART 4: HOW TO MAKE THE 1 HOUR SOCIAL SYSTEM PART OF YOUR EVERYDAY LIFE. Doing this just a few days a week can have big results. If you follow, what I’m going to show you in this section, however, I’ll show you how to make this part of your daily routine (even if you’re super busy like I am). When you make this activity a daily thing, the results slowly start to build into something substantial.
  • PART 5: HOW TO OUTSOURCE YOUR “ONE HOUR SOCIAL” PROSPECTING ROUTINE. You’ll discover exactly how to multiply your results by hiring someone to help you with this system.
  • PART 6: THE “ONE HOUR SOCIAL” FRIENDLY SALES PAGE: You’ll learn how to create a sales page that is the perfect fit for your “1 Hour Social Routine” (Complete with templates).
  • PART 7: HOW TO OFFER “1 HOUR SOCIAL” AS A SERVICE: Learn exactly how you can make $200-500/month by offering offering the “1 Hour Social” as a Service to other Business Owners.


DS: $97

Ready to learn how the masters close more deals from the comfort of home?

I want to show you the 4 Questions to use during your Sales Meetings the get Potential Customers to Sell Themselves.

Ben Adkins here again and first things first…
Congratulations on getting your hands on the “Micro Service Millionaire” and the “One Hour Social” Prospecting System!

With those two programs, you’ve got everything you need to get started making money with our 4 Micro Services as well as how to find tons of qualified leads on Facebook and Instagram (and to break the ice in a cool way).

But Right Now…
Because you just Invested in the “Micro Service Millionaire” and “One Hour Social”…
I want YOU to have lock in the SECRET that I’ve used to close deals for over 5 years now.

I want to give you the Secret System that I use to CLOSE my prospects using 4 very powerful questions. These 4 questions are the secret to my sales process and the reason that I never struggle with getting a potential customer to understand the value that I’ll bring to their business.

I’m extremely proud to tell you about the special “sales closing system” that makes my agency different.


I’M INVITING YOU TO WATCH OVER MY SHOULDER… as I walk you through the step-by-step way that you should use to close the deal when selling Micro Services to Local Business Owners…

Inside, You’ll Learn:

  • PART 1: THE “1% EXPERT POSITIONING METHOD”. You’ll learn how to separate yourself from your competition and position your business for maximum attention in your industry. (using this helps people to immediately understand what you do and why they need you).
  • PART 2: HOW TO ATTRACT POTENTIAL CLIENTS W/ FACEBOOK POSTS. You’ll learn how to craft 5-10 Facebook post that make people want to connect with you on Facebook Messenger for help (and how to “be everywhere” by advertising in a smart way).
  • PART 3: HOW TO WARM UP CLIENTS IN FACEBOOK MESSENGER. You’ll learn how to efficiently chat with folks in messenger (after they contact you) and get them to want to work with you (and how to setup the strategy session call if necessary).
  • PART 4: THE PERFECT STRATEGY SESSION TEMPLATE. You’ll learn the powerful psychology behind the 4 questions that make closing deals easy (and exactly what to say on the call… no matter what they say).
  • PART 5: DR BEN’S DONE-FOR-YOU “STRATEGY SESSION FUNNEL”. You’ll get full access to Dr Ben’s beautiful strategy session funnel. (this tool helps your potential client get in the right frame of mind before they get on the strategy call.
  • PART 6: DR BEN’S “INDOCTRINATION TIME BOMB”: How to get more clients leads by creating the perfect “client bait” for your Target Audience (no matter what audience you serve).
  • PART 7: 5 OF BEN’S MOST EFFECTIVE “POSITIONING FACEBOOK POSTS”: You’ll get the full text and images that I’ve used to attract people (that eventually led to $30k+ deals).


Exclusive Bonus for the First 300 Inside. Your very own “Micro Service” Digital Agency Website

  • What’s Included with your Website:
  • ​Done-for-You Micro Service Agency Template.
  • Their Easy to use Online Editor.
  • ​Mobile and Desktop Friendly.
  • Fully hosted on our Servers.
  • ​SSL Provided.
  • Unlimited Add-on Pages.
  • ​Unlimited Blog Posts.
  • ​Contact form routes to your Email.
  • ​Customize with your logo and images in under an hour and have a beautiful site ready to go to sell your Micro Services in under and hour.

REMEMBER! If you buy this product through my link, you can also get these huge bonuses (Please remember that these bonuses are not for the TRIAL or FREE versions)

You can have an opportunity to receive extra bonuses if you finish 2 steps below:

  ♦ Step 1: Order the product by Clicking here.

 ♦ Step 2: After your purchase goes through, email your receipt to me at alexhuynh.1110@gmail.com so I can confirm your purchase and email you information about how to access to your bonus material.

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