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Vidello is a video hosting and marketing platform with more advanced marketing features than any other hosting platform yet more cost-effective than Wistia and even Vimeo! Instead of putting up with huge expensive fees from platforms like Wistia. And instead of dealing with slow video streaming and limited digital marketing features from Vimeo. Lock in the next generation of video hosting and marketing with Vidello, cost effective and super powerful!

If you are wanting to increase your sales using video, then you need to really dump YouTube and use a professional video hosting solution. Even though YouTube is free, your traffic Isn’t! And if they are clicking on the YouTube logo, they get sent to YouTube and you lose their undivided attention.

With so many distractions online, you need to ensure you remove all distractions to ensure you set yourself up for success. Also if you’re using membership sites then you need a video hosting platform and Vidello kills two birds with one stone. Perfect for membership sites, sales funnels and eCommerce video marketing.

Listen, you have usually just 1 shot to deliver your marketing message to your potential customer or lead. So you spend hundreds of dollars on paid-ads to get traffic to your website. Your sales page is looking great, your copy is on point and your sales video is looking hot. Though your sales aren’t! Why?

Many people are using YouTube to host their sales videos because it’s free. Free but very costly. You see, VSL’s are proven to convert far better than just text-based sales pages. But when you use YouTube as your host for your VSL, many people click away on The YouTube logo and are sent away from your sales pages, into the distraction of the wonderful world of YouTube entertainment.

You lose their undivided attention and the Money you spent on the traffic is going down the drain. What you want is your traffic to engage in your entire message then click on the buy button to make the sale.

Not only are you killing conversions but also with free YouTube hosting you have no idea how your videos are actually performing. You aren’t able to see advanced analytics Or split-test a couple videos to see which video is converting best and so you just hope what you have will work.

Though when it comes to your business, providing for your family’s you can’t leave your sales in a place of hope! You need to ensure what you’re doing will work and set yourself up for success by analysing, making changes and testing to ensure maximum results!

With Vidello you can do some pretty neat. Things such as

  • Instant video streaming (No loading time, unlike Vimeo…)
  • Vidello Add lower third animations
  • Add note boxes
  • Vidello Split-test your videos to find what converts best!
  • Advanced analytics to view what is working and what’s not
  • eCommerce marketing CTA’s
  • Coupons, buy buttons, email forms, add affiliate links and more

But what’s even better is the price! If you get Vidello during the early-bird you’ll be Able to create an Early-Adopter account saving An additional 20% off the already crazy low price!


Creator Sam Bakker
Product Vidello
Official website Click Here
Front-End Price $22
Bonus Yes, Huge Bonuses
Skill All Levels
Guarantee 30-day money back guarantee
Niche Social Media and Video, Software
Support Еffесtіvе Rеѕроnѕе
Recommend Highly recommend!


  • More checkouts & sales with CTA slides. Just giving a call to action in your videos won’t create as much traction as when you actually place the call-to-action inside your video. With clickable links & CTA buttons and slides, expect higher clicks throughs and more checkouts than ever before.
  • Vidello Build your list with email sign ups. They say the money is in the list, it’s true! Now you can turn your average video into a lead generating machine utilising timed email signup forms and build that list you’ve always wanted.
  • Incentive customers through discount coupons. Sometimes all it takes is a slight discount to push a potential customer over the line. Use triggered time based coupon slides to appear in your video at certain times to ensure maximum conversions.
  • Meet your next best friend ‘Note box’. Ever created a video, edited and rendered it and then found you forgot to say something important or you left out some key information? In the pats you would have to re create the video. With Vidello note box, there’s no need! Simply, select a note box, add in your important info and set the start time for it to animate on. Case solved!
  • Lower third animations. Brand your videos with professional lower third animations. Simply select the style you like change the text and images and set the start time for the animation. That’s it.
  • Video split-testing made simple. Want to test which video converts best? You’ll never know until you split-test. With Vidello, split-testing videos is as simple as selecting two videos and generating an embed code. They take care of all the complicated work!
  • Advanced analytics, conversion tracking & more at your finger-tips. They tell you what’s working & what’s not! They like you, know that unless you can view how your video is performing, you won’t be able to make changes necessary to see higher conversions & better results. That’s why they made sure to add in the most crucial analytics to give you the details you need to rock your video marketing campaigns!


If you are planning on using YouTube hosted videos on your sales pages and funnels or even membership sites, you may be in for a surprise. Many people invest thousands of dollars in ad spend or set up a product launch and get affiliates to drive traffic to their sales page, but with YouTube hosted videos, you are killing your conversions! Wait, what did you say?

Check it. When a potential customer lands on your sales page, you want them to FULLY engage in what you have to sell with 100% of their attention. Problem is with using YouTube hosted videos, people click on the YouTube logo and get sent back to YouTube, only to get lost and distracted in the wonderful world of YouTube entertainment.

That money you spent on ads to get traffic to your offer, is now being focused on other things, loosing you important sales. As a business owner, you want all traffic to engage in what you are selling and to take action, NOT to click away and lose attention on other sites. That’s why it’s essential to use professional video hosting in your business!

Use Vidello to optimise your marketing campaigns.

  • eCommerce sites. Use vidello to take payments directly inside your eCommerce sites with review videos.
  • Landing pages. Ensure optimal conversions with split-testing, analytics & pro branding.
  • Membership sites. Secure your membership content with fully protected video hosting.
  • Review Blogs. Content marketing that results in leads is what vidello will help you with.

At Vidello, the team saw this process & decided to turn the art of video creation into a science introducing the first ever “Cloud-Based Video MockUp Design Suite.” Stunning videos that now take 60 seconds to create which include YOUR OWN video content. Professional Videos = Attention = Conversions = Sales

Smarter optimized video’s in just 4 easy steps…

  • Step 1: Upload

Upload and manage all of your videos inside our simple & user friendly dashboard.

  • Step 2: Customise

Customise and manage all of your videos inside our simple & user friendly dashboard.

  • Step 3: Optimize

Optimise your video player with powerful marketing apps & animated slides.

  • Step 4: Publish

Analyse your video’s performance with main stats, lobal play views as well as a/b split-tests.


VIDELLO FE ($22/monthly or $222/ year)

  • Host & store up to 200 videos
  • 200 GB Bandwidth Monthly
  • No vidello branding on your player
  • All Marketing Actions
  • Custom Branded Video Player
  • Lower Third Animations
  • Video Display Pages
  • Analytics & Split-Testing


Pro features including:

  • Full media library (Instant access to over 1.5 million royalty-free images & videos. Add directly into your videos from within the Create app!
  • Audioflow (200 plus premium tracks, logo sting audio & 100’s of sound FX)
  • Gif creator – inside Create app (Export videos to gifs)
  • Text to speech creator  – inside Create with multiple languages & accents.
  • PRO Developer Rights
  • Hundreds of text fonts
  • Export templates 


This upgrade includes 50 high quality ‘Done For You’ templates. 

Users can preview, download & import these templates into create and use them to enhance their videos right away. Each one of these templates helps a business to create a better looking sales video, more enhanced training videos or more engaging viral videos. 

Not only do users get access to 50 unique ‘Done For You’ templates immediately but they also will receive 15 brand new templates every single month there after for an entire 12 months.

For use with clients or individuals


$97 (Commercial)  or  $67 (Personal) Increasing to $197 after 3 days.

Member by Vidello is the perfect complimentary software to ‘Create’. It allows users to add videos they made from ‘Create’ then add them into their own protected membership website.

With Member by Vidello users get their own fully hosted membership platform. The membership software is integrated with the most popular payment platforms and includes multiple levels, themes and member management. This is the very first time we’ve ever released this software to the public.


Will the price remain the same after one year?

Yes, we will keep the discount pricing for as long as you continue using the vidello video suite service. There are no contracts and you can cancel at anytime.

Is there any refund period?

Yes, you can try out the entire vidello video suite risk-free for 14 days. If for any reason you decide it’s not for you, simply shoot us a support ticket at and we will send 100% of your money back, no questions asked!

How do you compare with other video suites?

In comparison to another popular video marketing suite such as “Wistia”, for their 200GB plan they charge $99/month, that’s nearly $1,200/year. They also only allow you to host only 10 videos for $99/month.


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