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Uncle Neon OTO 1, 2, 3, 4: There are personal and commercial licenses as front end options, Uncle Neon Bundle and 3 OTOs. The 1st Uncle Neon OTO is Uncleneon Snap, the 2nd is Uncleneon Platinum Version, the 3rd Uncle Neon OTO is Uncle Neon Agency Toolkit. There are no other down sells. The product is by Yogesh Agarwal, Gaurav Madaan & Roshni Dhal. All the links >>>

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Uncle Neon


Uncle Neon is an Innovative Breakthrough in Video Technology that let’s you create Engaging stunning Neon Videos which gets more eyeballs, shares and reach.

Over the last 3 years, we all have seen the Videos Revolution. So much so, that there are just too many videos out there for viewers and Normal Videos are no longer making the cut. Hence we need to break the pattern and spice up our Videos even better in order to win our Viewers Attention and to help you achieve the same, there is a Neon wave coming. A Neon wave that can help you to get: More Eyeballs, More Reach, More Shares, More Impact, More Revenue, More Sales.

These kind of Neon Videos tend to get extreme attention. Until now, one has to get subscriptions to Expensive Softwares for creating these Neon Effects or use some ineffective limited mobile apps. All the above solutions would only work if you have expensive high end Desktops. But no more. The First to Market Cloud based video editor named UncleNeon will change all this. It will help you to create Neon Animated Videos easily without any subscription or expensive laptops to get the Attention you desire. Moreover it’s Point and Click Templates makes it extremely easy for anyone to create these engaging, stunning, viral neon animations on top of any video whatsoever.

Thanks to Roshni Dhal, I get the results I wanted

Create Engagement Exploding Viral Glowing Neon Videos in just 3 Simple Steps:

  • STEP #1: Upload the Video you want to Turn into Viral Machine

  • STEP #2: Scribble your Animations or Choose from a template library of 100 Pre Done Neon Animations

  • STEP #3: Hit Render.

Seeing is Believing, See Uncle Neon in Action:

So if you would like to stand out, deliver what your audience needs and literally be the one ruling your Niche on the Internet, then Uncle Neon is for you. The Best Part, for a limited time UncleNeon is available for a Lifetime Deal right now. This means you pay once and use it for all your Videos forever literally with no restriction whatsoever. It’s time to Unleash your Neon Creativity to the world with Unique Neon Animated Videos.


Vendor Roshni Dhal et al
Product Uncle Neon
Launch Date 2021-Nov-10
Launch Time 11:00 EST
Front-End Price $47
Refund YES, 30 Days Money-Back Guarantee
Product Type Video Marketing
Support Effective Response
Recommended Highly Recommended
Skill Level Needed All Levels


Keep Viewers Glued to the Screen for every Single Second of your Video using:

  • Their Breakthrough O.D.D Video Editor Technology: Create amazing Neon Effects of your choice using our Open, Draw, Download Technology
  • Ready Made Templates: Choose from 100 Done For You Animations to fasten your Video Creation.
  • Point and Click Customisations: Customise your Videos to the Neon Colours to the Width of your Strokes
  • Full HD Resolution Unlimited Renders: Make Unlimited Full HD Videos with unlimited Renders without any monthly fees
  • Ready to Use Neon Text Effects: Make Glowing Neon Text Effects with Their Premade 80+ Text Effect Combinations
  • Emoji Library: Spice up your Creations using Emojis. They all love them adding creativity to the Videos
  • Easy to Use Frame Editor: Made a Mistake while editing? No Worries use their Undo, Redo, Copy Paste and Revert options for easy edits.
  • Stroke Styles: Add more versatility to your Videos using our Strokes like Spray, Diamond, Square, Pattern, Circle etc.
  • 100% Cloud Based: Whether you have a low end or a Slow Computer, you don’t have to worry. As everything is hosted in the cloud, nothing to Download
  • Step by Step Training: The System is so comprehensive and Powerful, they will be guiding you step by step on how you can make incredible Neon Videos
  • Top Notch Support: If you feel that you are stuck at any place, their Support Team is always ready to assist you with your Creations.
  • No Monthly Fees: You can get Unlimited Access with Unlimited Renders for True Freedom and Scale for you Business without any Monthly Fees


  • More Attention → More Virality: Neon Videos tend to hook the viewers attention and people tend to go wow with these Mesmerizing Effects. This results in more sharing across social media, leading to more organic traffic, eyeballs and virality.
  • More Attention → Less Ad Spend: In the Ads world, if you can stop the user’s scrolling – you have their attention. So using Uncle Neon for the first 3-5 seconds helps you to drastically increase your CTR’s and decrease your CPM’s
  • More Attention → More Revenue: Getting Attention is the Key and Uncle Neon Videos take care of it. Once you have your prospects attention, sell them your offering and make more revenue for your business
  • More Attention → More Clients, More Profits: Everyone is crazy for Neon Videos, from Social Media to Hollywood, Everyone wants these Glowing Effects. So, selling them is very easy, and you get to keep all the Profits with our commercial license.
  • More Attention → More Followers, Likes and Subscribers: The Blottermedia Account proved that when you upload these videos, your accounts start to grow superfast. You can, in turn monetise your Social media accounts with Shoutouts, Sponsorships and collaborations big time.

Their Beta Uncle Neon Commercial License Holders are selling Neon Videos to brands for $80 – $300 each.



Turn any Ordinary Video into Viral Glowing Neon Scribble Animation Video for Massive Reach and Impact using our First to Market Revolutionary O.D.D Technology. Get more Views, Eyeballs and Engagement by creating Unique Glowing Neon Animation Videos that Stand Out

  • D.D Video Editor
  • 100 Ready Made Templates
  • Full HD Output
  • Unlimited Renders Per Month
  • 80 Ready to use Neon Text Effects
  • Emoji Library
  • Easy to Use Frame Editor
  • Stroke Styles
  • No Uncle Neon Branding
  • Sell to Clients for 100% Profits
  • Commercial License
  • One Time Payment – No Monthly Fees

Use Coupon Code – “Earlybird” for $5 off on Commercial License


  • UNCLE NEON FE: UNCLE NEON Commercial $67
  • UNCLE NEON’s All OTOs: Uncle Neon Snap, Uncle Neon Platinum, Uncle Neon Done for you Agency Toolkit
  • All the bonuses

Use Coupon Code – “bundle30” for $30 off


Expand your UncleNeon capabilities to Turn any Normal Image into a Mind Boggling Glowing Animated Neon Image. No technical skills required. Simply point, click & download your
new eye-catching ANIMATED NEON images!

  • Our Breakthrough O.D.D Photo Editor Technology: Create amazing Neon Effects of your choice using our Open, Draw, Download Technology
  • Ready Made Templates: Choose from 100 Done For You Animations to fasten your Video Creation.
  • Point and Click Customisations: Customise your Photos with colors, glow and effect with an easy point and click interface.
  • Easy to Use Frame Editor: Made a Mistake while applying Neon Effects? No Worries use our Undo, Redo, Copy Paste and Revert options for easy edits.
  • Stroke Styles: Add more versatility to your Photos using our Strokes like Spray, Diamond, Square, Pattern, Circle etc.
  • Unlimited Exports: Make Unlimited Neon Images with unlimited Exports without any monthly fees
  • Commercial License: Sell your Creations to clients or as NFT, when you purchase our commercial license.
  • No Monthly Fees: You can get Lifetime Access with Unlimited Renders for True Freedom and Scale for your Business without any Monthly Fees
  • 100% Cloud Based: Whether you have a low end or a Slow Computer, you don’t have to worry. As everything is hosted in the cloud, nothing to Download
  • Step by Step Training: The System is so comprehensive and Powerful, we will be guiding you step by step on how you can make incredible Neon Photos
  • Top Notch Support: If you feel that you are stuck at any place, our Support Team is always ready to assist you with your Creations.

>>>


Multiply your Creativity by unlocking 400 New Glowing Animation Templates, Multi Aspect Ratio Videos, GIF Exports, Letterboxing on Videos and 4k Renders in your Account

  • #1 – 150 New Neon Glowing Animation Templates Added Instantly to your Account

With Platinum Edition, you will get 150 New Templates added to your Account instantly totaling the number of Templates to 250 (With 100 in Basic Edition). This gives you an instant 2.5x better competitive edge to be unique and fasten your workflow.

  • #2 – 20 New Neon Glowing Animation Templates Added in your Account Every Month for the Complete Year

Our Designers and Animators will be working hard to give you fresh Contextual Templates every single month. Based on Platinum Members Feedback and the Festivals we have across the globe, we will be consistently adding new templates.

This will lead to 240 New Animation Templates in an Year totaling your collection to 490 Templates overall.

  • #3 – Custom Neon Animation Template Request

Many times, it could happen that you might have a brilliant idea – but are not having enough time to make the Animation yourself. You can request the Kind of Animation you are looking for, and we will be releasing the Template in the Upcoming Month release.

This indeed is like having our Designers and Animators working on your payroll, except we take care of the expenses.

Well, that’s not all. With Platinum you don’t just get more templates – you get to do much more with these templates.

  • #4 – Multi Purpose Video Capabilities

With this, you will be able to make Multi Purpose Videos using UncleNeon dashboard itself. Be it Square Instagram Videos, Vertical TikTok Short Videos or normal horizontal YouTube videos – you can make them all.

  • #5 – LetterBoxing Videos

Ever seen those Viral videos on Facebook with Text on Top and Bottom? We call it LetterBoxing. We have built a complete separate interface for you to convert any normal video into those Letterboxing Viral Videos.

This will help you to add Cliffhangers to your titles, making the audience go nuts immersive. With Animated Emoji’s, custom text faces, shapes, and colors – this is one heck of an addition to the Platinum version.

  • #6 – 4k Renders

Take Uncle Neon capabilities one step beyond by making Ultra High Definition 4k Videos for Concept and Clarity. Your Production capabilities literally becomes 4x with this addition.

  • #7 – Go Crazy with GIFs

The Internet’s most sensational content is GIF’s and how can we let it not be a part of our Super Engagement Weapon. With Platinum edition, you can render your videos as GIF’s and share it on Social Media or Instant Messaging apps to convey your message and make your audience go gaga all over.

  • #8 – Multiple Renders Simultaneously

With the Basic version of Uncle Neon, one can render one video at a time. With the Platinum edition, you can render up to 3 videos at once. Faster, creative and more control than ever before.

  • #9 – 90 Days of Data Retention

With the Basic Version of Uncle Neon, we will save your data on our Servers for 45 days. Whereas as with Platinum Edition, we will be retaining your data for 2X times i.e. 90 Days, so that you can come back and work again on a project later.

>>>


Kick Start your Uncle Neon Agency Services with our Professionally Designed Done For You Website, Proposals, Sales Video, Telephone Scripts, Outreach Emails and Ads

  • Done for you Agency Website
  • Done for you Animated Sales Video
  • Done for you Banners, Ads and Ad Copies
  • Outreach Emails
  • Telephone Scripts
  • Done for you Pricing Sheets with Proposal
  • Marketplace Gig Listing
  • E Sign Agreements with Docupanda

>>>


  • Do I need to download heavy files to my Computer/Hard drive? A. No, you don’t need to download any heavy files to your Hard drive/Computer. It is a 100% cloud-based application.
  • Do I need to have any kind of Technical Skills to use “UncleNeon”? A. No, not at all. Moreover, they have an over shoulder training to help you use this and its Video editor to maximum effect.
  • Do I need to download any other software to use it? A. No, you don’t need to download any other software to use it. It’s an independent Video SAAS web application.
  • Are Uncle Neon Edited Effects Videos compatible with all major software? A. Yes, They work fine with any modern software like Explaindio, Vidgeos, Easy Sketch Pro, Camtasia, Easy VSL, Powerpoint, etc
  • Is there a money-back guarantee? A. If you’re not 100% satisfied, they offer a full no questions asked money-back guarantee. Just send us a Support Ticket and they will take care of it for you. You have absolutely nothing to lose, and everything to gain. They know you’re going to LOVE it!
  • Do I need to pay monthly/Yearly for membership? A. No, you don’t need to pay monthly/yearly for Uncle Neon membership. This is a Solid Bingo Offer with one-time payment only.
  • Are there any Limitations on the Number of Renders? A. No, there is no limitation on the Number of Renders as such. You can render unlimited videos with Commercial Package.
  • Do you have any Upgrades? A. Yes, they do have more upgrades offering more templates, stunning image neon effects, agency setup etc. However, all of them are completely optional and can be availed as per your needs.
  • What is the Delivery method of Uncle Neon? A. As soon as you buy it you will receive your individual login access to their App. You just need to log in and use your favourite effects or draw. That’s all you need to do.



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