Trust Lifetime Deal – Review

Trust Lifetime Deal – Testimonial & Rating Platform for Real Customer Feedback


Trust ( is the most crucial that has the ability to make or break a business, and marketers always aim to gain the trust of their audience using testimonials. Text testimonials and reviews are a norm for any business that wants to ensure a long-lasting and trustworthy relationship with its audience. However, what if we can raise the bars of trust higher with a unique solution of collecting feedback?

Trust is a video feedback collection tool that allows users to collect video reviews of their customers about their products. You can easily get ahead of your competition, and probably steal your competitors’ customers with video testimonials from your customers. In addition, you can set it up to prompt your customers to leave you reviews and ratings on prominent ratings platforms.

  • Collect and display authentic testimonials & ratings in minutes in the all-in-one review marketing tool.
  • Showcase reviews with beautifully designed widgets, pop-ups, testimonial sliders, badges, floating stars and ‘Wall of love’.
  • Collect video testimonials or written reviews at scale with easy-to-use pre-built forms.
  • Alternative to:, VocalVideo &


Trust Lifetime Deal – Features

Feature-rich testimonial and rating platform – Simple yet effective way to collect real reviews

1. Get started

Trust has an intuitive design and offers detailed step-by-step onboarding guides. After signing up and adding your website’s URL, install Trust in three simple ways right from your dashboard:

  1. Copy the Trust snippet and paste it into the code of your website.
  2. Download a WordPress plugin and upload it to your WordPress account.
  3. Ask the Trust support team to do that for you.

Once done, you’ll never need to do it again.

2. Capture testimonials

Does building tеstimonial request surveys mean tones of work for you? It doesn’t have to be this way. Trust provides a handy tool for you to create beautiful testimonial request forms, effortlessly. If you want to e-sign a GDPR compliant agreement with your client that allows you to show their data on your website, adjust a predefined Trust contract and add it to the form. Working with clients from different countries? Create surveys in multiple languages to please every one of them.

3. Run rating surveys

What if people could rate different aspects of your work? Chances are the results will surprise you. Trust makes it simple to get detailed feedback from your clients with 5-star or NPS surveys. Measure and improve customer satisfaction, ask specific questions to uncover blind spots in your workflow and fix them effectively. Besides, if a client is happy and gives you a good rating, Trust can automatically ask them to leave a testimonial as well.

4. Hunt for feedback

When it’s time to collect feedback, just copy & paste the survey’s URL to email and message texts, or embed it to the website, and you’re good to go. By the way, you can quickly send out emails and invite clients to give a review directly from your Trust dashboard. Plus, it becomes easier to ensure sky-high response rates by including a gift (e.g. discount, promo code) to the survey’s “Thank you” page and mentioning it in the testimonial request text.

5. Monitor results

After a client fills out the form, you get an instant email notification. The dashboard helps you track testimonials and ratings in one place without interrupting your workflow. Edit texts with typos, publish testimonials and ratings on your website, delete outdated ones, export reviews to further use them for marketing and advertising campaigns.

6. Display testimonials and ratings

Trust displays your testimonials as pop-up notifications and widgets. In order to customize them, select one of many templates, set your website’s font, and choose colors that match the website design. You can also add ratings to your website with widgets and show aggregated ratings from other review sites. Moreover, the Rich Snippet tool allows to display your ratings in Google search results and help your website rank higher. This improves your website’s visibility, makes it easier to get found and attracts more potential clients.

Play by your own rules. Trust helps you meet the needs

  1. Single hub for your reviews
  2. HD video testimonials with watermark
  3. Integrated social media profiles
  4. Live testimonial previews
  5. Testimonial request forms and rating surveys
  6. Review platform integrations
  7. Import of existing testimonials


What’s included in this Trust Lifetime Deal?

All Plans Include

  • Collect unlimited video & text testimonials
  • Pop-up widgets
  • Star ratings
  • Unlimited feedback forms
  • Rich Snippets
  • Testimonial Widgets
  • Customer Consent Checkboxes
  • Facebook / YouTube Customer Generated Videos
  • Unlimited NPS & Star Rating Surveys (Soon)
  • Integrated External Rating Services
  • Download Video Testimonials
  • Floating Stars
  • Badges
  • Wall of Love
  • Future updates & integrations are included
  • 30-day Money Back Guarantee

Trust ‘Off The Ground’ Plan Lifetime Subscription $69 (91% Off)

  • Lifetime access to Trust
  • 50,000 unique visitors/month
  • 5 websites
  • 5 external rating services
  • 200 published testimonials
  • Slight ‘Powered by Trust’ branding
  • All future plan updates
  • 30-day Money Back Guarantee

Trust Business Plan Lifetime Subscription (2 Codes) $138 (91% Off)

  • Lifetime access to Trust
  • 100,000 unique visitors/month
  • 10 websites
  • 10 external rating services
  • 500 published testimonials
  • No ‘Verified by Trust’ branding
  • 5 team members
  • HD video
  • Consent by eContracts (10 free eContracts included)
  • All future plan updates
  • 30-day Money Back Guarantee

Trust Business Plan Lifetime Subscription (3 Codes) $207 (91% Off)

  • Lifetime access to Trust
  • 250,000 unique visitors/month
  • 25 websites
  • 15 external rating services
  • 1000 published testimonials
  • No ‘Verified by Trust’ branding
  • 10 team members
  • Custom domain for forms and surveys (Soon)
  • HD video
  • Consent by eContracts (20 free eContracts included)
  • All future plan updates
  • 30-day Money Back Guarantee

Trust-lifetime-deal-dealify Reviews

Carlos U.
Beautiful & Authentic Reviews and Testimonials for Service Based Websites
It’s easy to implement and makes any website look more convincing and legitimate. It looks beautiful on websites, and this is as legit as you can get because reviewers can attach their social profiles to their reviews. The trust icon at the side of the website is too big, especially on mobile devices.

William S.
Easy to use but still fully featured
Ease of use and multitude of display options It seems complicated but it’s not. Just lots of options so it seems like it will take ages to master. It’s actually simple to master and to put to use

Peter Bachmann D.
Reviews are are great way of getting trust
I’m exited to start collecting reviews form cosumters using Trust, I haven’t been very good at asking costumers for reviews, but now I have Trust to make it easier to collect and display reviews! I would like to be able to also display reviews from other plaes like google reviews etc.

Bhupinder K.
All-In-One Review & Video Testimonial App
Support is very important, you don’t want to be waiting for hours for a response. I found the support provided by Trust was prompt and relevant, the support team were knowledgeable and the resolution was on point. They actually encourage feedback and listen to user suggestions, which is great! Trust combines gathering reviews and video testimonials in one platform, which is rare. I found the ability to showcase ‘social proof’ in elegant widgets and website very useful. All of which can be branded to your website colors. The setup and upload of reviews and videos was easy and the video play is very fast. The UI is clean and functional but could be a little more intuitive. There a few must have integration which are not available yet but are coming very soon.

Vivek K.
Great platform to gather testimonials and ratings
I am using this software to create Trust among my customers. It is a great platform which is easy to integrate in your existing workflow It is a great solution. User interface is intuitive, and it does exactly what it says. You can also publish testimonials on specific pages of your website, which suits me. Once integration to all external services like Zapier and others is up and running, this platform becomes best in its chosen field. Trust also has options you could want for displaying your reviews and testimonials the way you like. Product integration works seamlessly with your website without impacting its speed. They have an excellent support service as well. I think this product is already pretty good, and there is nothing to dislike in particular. Trust is already are building Zapier integration, so that part is also taken care of.

Hachim B.
Very great tool
It is incredibly good at what it does, and it is already better and easier to use than many of the WordPress plugins that claim to handle and display reviews. The ability to display reviews from Facebook on the website would be very helpful, as I’d like to import them from Facebook. Hoping to see this soon!

Kumar G.
One of The Best Testimonials Platform
It’s a best experience with Trust, Worth Buying. Your Every penny will be saved for Sure The Best is like the Features they do have. Very Clean & Unique features. Mainly the Technical Support is always active & responds to you in a couple of seconds. In fact they will help you in designing some part of website from their end for you. I have seen the difference after installing the Trust on my website. I should say Thanks to “Trust” Team for giving the best support Some features are still they are working on but published. Of course we will get those in feature for sure.

anucha a.
Provide a good experience, easy to use, can be used in a variety of applications.
This is the best value. Many main uses all-in-one Let’s start with creating a well-designed storage form. Easy-to-use survey link format with scrutiny of customer reviews obtained before publishing And display the desired results on the web in multiple locations, it’s great. Review form that hasn’t been designed as you like, such as font, font size, it’s important to % review.

Nuno P.
Best Review platform around. Period!
Reviews are a vital part of any business, and this app lets me streamline my process in a systematic way… all from a single dashboard! Custom forms, several ways to showcase it, and the upcoming webhooks and ability to pull reviews from other platforms makes this a must have tool. I like everything, but there are still some features missing.


Carsten Schaefer – Founder @ Trust

Hi all👋

Carsten here, the founder of Trust. I’m a big fan of lifetime deals, and now I’m super excited to introduce my SaaS to you!

Have you ever looked for unbiased customer feedback about any business and found fake praises from “Mary2021” and “M.B. from S.”, or anonymous reviews? In my opinion, such “texts” don’t build trust with prospective customers, and even scare them off. Luckily, testimonials (especially videos) can be very powerful if done right.

I built Trust to easily prove that customers’ love is real, and thus build a strong online reputation. Here you can come up with your own “formula of the perfect testimonial” that may include a customer’s name, company name, image, testimonial (text, video or both), links to customer’s websites and social media profiles. Gathering video testimonials – the best social proof ever – is also a no-brainer with Trust.

Now we’re working hard to bring live some more cool video testimonial features (such new forms with multiple questions & answers, the teleprompter, the automatic transcription of speech), and a lot more is coming.

I’m always open to implementing customers’ ideas, because together we can build a better product!


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