Storiist OTO – Storiist App By Eric Hammer Review

Storiist OTO 1, 2, 3, 4: There is one front end option and 4 OTOs. The 1st Storiist OTO is Storiist Platinum, the 2nd is Storiist Newsletter, the 3rd is Storiist Steal My Money, the 4th Storiist OTO is Storiist Roll Your Own. There are some other Storiist OTO Down Sells. The product is by Eric Hammer. All the links >>>

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Storiist is A Real Revolution and First to Market Solution. Finally, ready to deploy unique story based emails created in seconds.

Steve wants to create story based emails. He knows they are the best kind of emails to get sales. People love stories. Steve has struggled to find a way to make story based emails work for him though. He bought the done for you packs of story emails and marveled at how good they sounded. Then when he wanted to send out emails to his list, he realized he was sending out the exact same emails, word for word that other people they sending. He tried a spinner, but the result was gibberish. Then he tried to edit them himself. But he’s no story teller. They sucked. Was he doomed to never make a story email of his own?

A Lack of Stories Means a Lack of Money. Let’s face it — you can’t afford to have story based emails made for you. But you can’t afford not to have them at all either. Good writers, the kind who know how to tell an engaging story, they’re expensive. Found someone cheap? Odds are, they don’t know how to make engaging stuff. Unless you’re talented, you can’t make your own. Trouble is, you know that those who write good story emails, they make the big money online!

Are You Doomed to Never Use Story Emails for Your Business? The truth is, the done for you packs are useless. The Dirty Little Secret. It’s a dirty little secret in the industry — If you buy a ready made pack of story based emails, you’ll end up sounding like every other marketer who bought the same ones. Or they’ll sit around because you ‘intend’ to edit them but you never quite get around to it. Meanwhile, the people who make them initially make the big money and then make more selling you the stuff they already used. Introducing a new solution called Storiist.

Thanks to Eric Hammer, I get the results I wanted

No More Paying Thousands of Dollars Or Struggling to Make Your Own. Storiist Gives You Over 8,000 Possible Permutations. Remember, This Software Works, Even for Non Gurus. Grab It Now.


Vendor Eric Hammer
Product Storiist
Launch Date 2021-Sep-17
Launch Time 11:00 EDT
Front-End Price $17
Refund YES, 30 Days Money-Back Guarantee
Product Type Software 
Support Effective Response
Recommended Highly Recommended
Skill Level Needed All Levels


  • This one is truly unique — the software has pre-loaded sets of emails which can be mixed and matched and always look perfect together.
  • The software also creates the emails ready to deploy, complete with formatting and html code (if wanted).
  • Plus, they included a randomize feature which lets customers let the software choose for them.


  • Over 4,000 Permutations Per Storiist Pack
  • Click Randomize and It’s Done for You.
  • The emails even come pre-formatted.
  • Even technophobes can succeed.
  • Done in seconds. Really.


FE: Storiist $17

(Dime Sale After First 8 Hours)

Storiist Lite $15

This revolutionary software allows you to create ready to deploy emails in seconds. Everything is completely done for you and ready to roll.

Storiist OTO #1: Storiist Platinum $47

DS: Storiist Gold $32

Storiist is based on ‘packs’ of pre-written content. Each pack has 10 different versions of the various paragraphs, meaning over 4,000 permutations of each email are possible. The basic version of Storiist comes with two packs. Storiist Platinum comes with a total of 7, meaning over 28,000 possible permutations of the various emails. 

Storiist OTO #2: My No Pitch Newsletter $26.87/3 Mo. or $9.95/Mo

Storiist Newsletter trial $1

This is a recurring offer. You get my 30 page no pitch newsletter every month filled with the best tips and tricks to build a life of freedom online. Everything they need to know in order build a real business online. 

Storiist OTO #3: Steal My Money $77

DS: Storiist Steal My Money Lite $57

Everyone’s favorite — You get a guaranteed approval to promote post launch and you get 100% commissions across the fe, OTO1, OTO2 and OTO3

Storiist OTO #4: Make Your Own Storiist $57

Storiist DFY $397

Storiist DFY and Roll Your Own $697

No matter how many different versions of Storiist packs they make, customers will have their own needs. With this version of Storiist, you can create your own. This upsell includes and in inline upsell for you to make a sales page so you can sell it as your own.



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