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Hello and welcome.

There’s always that “magic ingredient” that sets the experts apart from the masses. For those in the realm of cookbooks creation, or blog publishing, I’m about to unveil something that is set to be your game-changer.

Introducing… “Recipes Photo Empire”! Are you tired of seeing your delicious dishes go unnoticed, lost in the vast sea of the web because you are missing food photos? Are you frustrated that your visual stories are not generating the attention and admiration they deserve? Feeling that invisible barrier keeping you from reaching that “chef top seller” status?

Your answer is HERE! Alessandro Zamboni and Paulo Gro’s meticulously curated set of 590 groundbreaking food photography prompts are not just another set of instructions. They are your stepping stones to mastery. These prompts encapsulate years of industry insights, strategies, and techniques that the top 1% of food photographers swear by but won’t share.

Thanks to Alessandro Zamboni, I get the results I wanted

Why Recipes Photo Empire?

This is not generic advice repackaged. It’s a trove of unique MidJourney prompts, ready to put you leagues ahead of your competition.

With those MidJourney prompts you are about to catapulting your images from “What’s that?” to “Whoa! Who’s the genius behind this shot?”
But hold your horses! This is not for everyone.

If you are looking for an overnight miracle without the elbow grease, then I suggest looking elsewhere. But, if you’re ready to use the power of these prompts, work the craft, and watch your cookbooks and blogs, or your customers ones, make waves, then welcome aboard!

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Vendor Alessandro Zamboni
Product Recipes Photo Empire
Launch Date 2023-Sep-11
Launch Time 10:00 EST
Front-End Price $17
Refund YES, 30 Day Money-Back Guarantee
Product Type AI Recipes Photos
Support Effective Response
Recommended Highly Recommended
Skill Level Needed All Levels


Introducing “Recipes Photo Empire”!

Making recipe photos is a challenging job that involves much more than simply capturing an image of a dish. Aesthetically pleasing food photography requires a keen eye for detail, an understanding of lighting, and often a set of props and backgrounds to enhance the visual appeal of the dish. And to capture the best shot, you should use specialized equipment, including cameras, lenses, tripods, reflectors, and sometimes even macro lenses for close-up details.

Regarding the cost of recipe photos on stock photo websites, prices can vary significantly based on the website, licensing model, and exclusivity of the image. With prices ranging from a few dollars to several hundred dollars per image, it’s easy to see your costs levitating.

Today, we have a solution for you: our new MidJourney prompts series!

Just How Fast Can You Start Making Money With This?

Our set of prompts offers an incredible advantage for you if you want to jump into the world of culinary books and blogs. Firstly, they serve as a visual stimulus, cutting down on the time and effort.

An appealing photo can make all the difference in the culinary world, given that we “eat with our eyes” first. When you use photo prompts for your recipe books, you are effectively elevating the visual appeal, making your book more enticing to potential readers.

A beautifully curated and presented recipe book with captivating images is likely to stand out on the shelves or on online platforms, drawing in more sales and thereby ensuring immediate earnings.
On the other hand, when it comes to blogging, visual content often drives higher engagement.

Readers are more likely to share, comment on, and interact with blog posts that include compelling images.

By integrating recipe photo prompts into your blogs, you not only enrich the user experience but also enhance the blog’s shares on social platforms. As your content gets more attention and engagement, it can lead to increased traffic, ad revenue, and potential partnerships or sponsorships.

Moreover, visually-driven content, supported by these photo prompts, establishes a blogger’s reputation as a professional curator in the culinary space. Over time, this can open doors to additional monetization avenues such as workshops, courses, or branded collaborations, ensuring that you start earning immediately and sustainably.

You Can Save a Lot Of Time, And Create Exactly The Recipe Books People Are Looking For, With Stunning Recipes Photos!

Why Choose Our Collection Of 590 Recipes Prompts?

The Range of Topics: Our prompts cater to 81 varieties of recipes, including recipes about food types, and country recipes.

Expertly Crafted: Paulo carefully considered each prompt’s design to ensure top-notch quality and maximum creative potential.

Effortless Integration With MidJourney: Our prompts are specifically tailored to work seamlessly with MidJourney for top image quality. But if you want, they also work on Leonardo AI, and many other AI platforms.

Time-Saving: Say goodbye to spending endless hours searching for inspiration. Our collection of prompts will provide you with a wealth of ideas at your fingertips, allowing you to focus on what really matters—creating photos for your own recipes!

Let’s Talk About The Power Of Those Prompts!

With Our 590 Recipes Photo Prompts You Will Be Able To Generate Stunning Photos For a Lot Of Jobs!

  • Recipe Books and Ebooks
  • ​Websites and Food Blogs
  • Social Media Posts
  • Ads and Advertising
  • Restaurant Menus
  • ​Sell Them On Stock Photo Websites
  • ​Create Cooking Apps
  • ​Sell Them In Packages
  • ​And Much, Much More!

When it comes to starting projects with recipes, the possibilities are endless. Here are a few ideas to kickstart your culinary adventure!

  • Personal Recipe Collection: Begin by creating a personal recipe collection to document your favorite dishes. Create the recipe photos you need, and start publishing, or selling your recipes.
  • ​Blog or Food Website: Launch a food blog or website where you can share your recipes, cooking tips, and food-related stories. It’s a fantastic way to express your culinary creativity, engage with a community of food enthusiasts, and potentially monetize your content. With your stunnning images, it will be more valuable for your readers.
  • ​YouTube Channel: Start a YouTube channel dedicated to cooking and showcasing your recipes. Create automatic videos with subtitles, and different recipe images done with AI. Video content is highly engaging and can attract a wide audience, allowing you to build a dedicated following.
  • ​Recipe App: Develop a recipe app filled with your unique recipes, and with a lot of amazing photos.
  • ​Cooking Classes or Workshops: Share your culinary expertise by offering cooking classes or workshops in your local community, or online. Use recipe photos to promote your classes and workshops in a great way.
  • ​Food Photography and Styling: If you have a passion for visual arts, consider you may sell your images to stock photo websites, or to other people in need of food photos.

Remember, these are just a few starting points, and you can combine or modify them to fit your specific goals and interests. The key is to leverage the recipe photos you create.

As You Can See, Those Prompts Are Powerful, And Will Give You An Outstanding Advantage Over Your Competitors!


FE: Recipes Photo Empire – $17

Use the Power Of MidJourney To Create Real Recipes Photos!

Create Fabulous Recipes Images In Seconds, For Websites And Cookbooks, With Our Set Of 590 MidJourney Prompts!

Jump Into a Marvel With 590 Outstanding Prompts That Allow You To Create Infinite And Stunning Recipes Images, And That You Can Edit For More Recipes!

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