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Jett OTO 1st to 12th Reviews: There is a front end offer and 9 One Time Offers. The 1st is Jett Unlimited, the 2nd Jett OTO is Jett Plug ‘n’ Play, the 3rd is Jett Auto A.I., the 4th Jett OTO is Jett DFY AiMoney Site, the 5th Jett OTO is Jett Multiple-Streams, the 6th is Jett Franchise, the 7th Jett OTO is Jett  DFY Traffic, the 8th Jett OTO is Jett DFY 100K Leads Edition, the 9th Jett OTO is Jett 1K In 60 Mins. There are some other down sells. The product is by Billy Darr, Finn Goswami & Justin Opay. All the links >>>

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OTOs Don’t Work If You Don’t Have Front End, Can Get Any 1 Or More OTOs From Below If Already Got Front End!

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Jett OTO 1: Jett Unlimited [$110 Discount]

Jett OTO 2: Jett A.I Turnkey [$100 Discount]

Jett OTO 3: Jett Set & Forget Edition [$10 Discount]

Jett OTO 4: Jett A.I Traffic Accelerator [$10 Discount]

Jett OTO 5: Jett A.I Funnel [$200 Discount]

Jett OTO 6: Jett 100x Money Templates [$10 Discount]

Jett OTO 7: Jett Done-For-You [$100 Discount]

Jett OTO 8: Jett A.I Affiliate Bot [$20 Discount]

Jett OTO 9: Jett Amplify [$10 Discount]

Jett OTO 10: Jett 1K In 60 Minutes [$20 Discount]

Jett OTO 11: Jett Mega 2024 Edition [$20 Discount]

Jett OTO 12: Jett Push Button 2024 Edition [$20 Discount]


Jett A.I Robot is The World’s First ChatGPT 4.0 Monetisation Software *A.I Robot* Creates Set ‘n’ Forget Faceless YouTube™ Channels That Get Us FREE Traffic In 60 Seconds!

One of the biggest opportunities in history is YouTube™… Combine YouTube™ with A.I. And there’s nothing like it! But the old way of doing YouTube™ is hard…. They’ve made it difficult for beginners to get started. They make you jump through hoops and create hundreds of videos… Just to get a couple views… They force you to create premium quality videos. Which is cool but not everyone can afford thousands of dollars in recording equipment. That’s why everyone who tries to make it as a YouTuber, fails but YouTube™ Is A $29.2 Billion Dollar A Year Platform! (According To

That’s why Despite how hard it is. Everyone wants a piece of it. YouTube™ has dominated for a decade. Despite TikTok, Instagram and anything else that comes out… YouTube™ is far superior. Fact is… No other platform EVEN comes close. The stats don’t lie: 2.6B users, ​5B videos watched daily, ​62% of internet users use it, ​1B hours of video watched daily​. Imagine if you could tap into just a tiny fraction of those people… How much money could you make if you got infront of 1,000, 5,000 or even 10,000 visitors? And That’s Not Just Any Old Traffic (It’s The Best Kind…). YouTube™ is clearly the king of video. But what most people don’t know Is…YouTube™ is ALSO the king of high quality traffic. You see when people use YouTube™…They mostly use it to solve a problem. For Example: How To Make Money Online. How To Get A Girlfriend. ​How To Lose Weight. All these industries have billions of people. That are ready to spend money. But only if you know how to get in front of them.

Creating A YouTube™ Channel The OLD Way Is NOT Easy! (That’s Why The Old Way Sucks…). Did you know on average Mr Beast spends $1,000,000 per video? It’s insane… But even some of the other guys and gals. Spend thousands for each video. Imagine the money that you need to spend to compete with them. But What If There Was A WAY Easier Way… (There Is, The New Way…). A way you could create & run a profitable YouTube™ channel That produces passive profits like crazy. Without: Spending Thousands, ​Expensive Cameras, Showing Your Face, ​Creating Videos Manually. In short Without doing any of the manual work yourself. Does that sound good? Well it’s your lucky day. Why? Because Our A.I Robot Creates Faceless YouTube™ Channels For You… (That Make Us Hundreds Daily) With A.I advancing so rapidly. They’ve recently gained access to a new A.I-Robot so classified, you’ve never seen anything like it before. They pay thousands to get access to these tools before the public does. So they can have a head start. And this A.I-Robot is so powerful, it can “legally-exploit” YouTube™ for free traffic, leads and sales 24/7. Introducing Jett A.I Robot.

Thanks to Billy Darr, I get the results I wanted

You’re Just 3-Clicks Away From ‘Job Replacing’ Freedom

  • Step 1: Grab A Copy: Click on any of the links on this page to get instant access to Nexus.
  • Step 2: Setup: Start your set ‘n’ forget A.I-Powered, faceless YouTube™ channel in any niche in 30 seconds by entering in some basic details.
  • Step 3: Activate: They Enjoy free traffic, leads & $531/day thanks to the A.I Robot that fully runs our faceless YouTube™ Channels without us lifting a finger 24/7.

Jett A.I Robot creates a 100% automated channel for you… Thanks to their A.I-Robot. That works in ANY niche, it doesn’t matter what niche you are in… It will create daily videos for you, using our A.I-Robot. And then blasts the videos to your channel… But it doesn’t stop here, my friend. It will start promoting your channel across dozens of social channels… And generating tens of thousands of views. Without you lifting a finger. Actually, there is one thing you have to do. You have to keep refreshing your account, and see how much you’ve made. Other than that. You’re all set. Get It Now.


Vendor Billy Darr
Product Jett App
Launch Date 2024-Jan-09
Launch Time 11:00 EST
Front-End Price $17
Coupon code Jett5off
Refund YES, 30 Day Money-Back Guarantee
Product Type AI Video Maker
Support Effective Response
Recommended Highly Recommended
Skill Level Needed All Levels


  • Tap Into Set ‘n’ Forget Faceless Channels…
  • Get Unlimited Free Traffic In 1-Click…
  • ​No Tech Skills Or Previous Experience Needed…
  • ​Our 3-Figure A Day Tutorials Included…
  • Get Real Human Visitors Who BUY…
  • ​Stop Wasting Time & Money On B.S. Methods..
  • Finally Get Traffic So You Can Make Sales Today…
  • Be Amongst The First To Ride This New Wave…


  • Jett A.I Robot App: The only app on the market that runs an automated YouTube™ channel on your behalf.
  • Automation: No need to do any work whatsoever. Just let Jett A.I Robot take care of it all on autopilot.
  • AiFunnel: You will also get our DFY Aifunnel that pays us $500 a pop…
  • Jett A.I Robot Traffic: They don’t do any ads, or traffic generation. Jett A.I Robot does all of that for us on autopilot.
  • Monetizer: They’ll show you exactly how we monetize the faceless YouTube videos.
  • Training: There is NOTHING missing in this training. Everything you need to know is explained in IMMENSE details…
  • Cell-Phone Edition: This will allow you to also operate Jett A.I Robot, even from your mobile phone… Whether it’s an Android, iPhone, or tablet, it will work…
  • Jett A.I Robot Support: Have a question? Just reach out to us and our team will do their best to fix your problem in no time…
  • Jett A.I Robot 1-1 Mentoring: You’ll also get 7-days of unlimited 1-1 mentoring. Simply let them know and their expert will reach out to you to give 1-1 mentoring or support…


  • Why Will This Work For Me? This will work because it’s personally proven and tested by us personally to produce results. Secondly we’ve made it as easy as possible to get results, just set & forget…
  • Why Is This Different To Everything Else? Well what you generally see on the market for sale right now is reliant upon beat up old models that frankly speaking are not very effective anymore, Jett A.I Robot is in demand and hot right now…
  • Is There A Money Back Guarantee? Yes, you are covered by our 365-day money back guarantee. There is absolutely no risk when you act now. The only way you lose is if you don’t grab Jett A.I Robot at the special discount…
  • Do I Need Traffic For This To Work? No, this has nothing to do with getting traffic. That’s an old model. With Jett A.I Robot it’s all about listing AudioBooks on Amazon’s Audible platform which pay passively, literally set & forget!
  • I Don’t Know Anything About Funnels Will This Work For Me? Absolutely YES, zero previous experience is needed. It’s literally a case of setting up the app which takes 5 minutes and then letting it run to enjoy the fruits…
  • Is This Compatible On Any PC, Mac, Android & iPhone? Yes, you can use this on any device with a web browser…
  • Are There Any Monthly Fees? Right now, No! They’ve eliminated the monthly fee for the special introductory launch period. (But hurry because the price will revert back to $47 a month AFTER the launch period ends)
  • Do I Need Any Tech Skills Or Experience? No tech skills or previous experience is needed to get results with the Jett A.I Robot app…
  • I’m Still Unsure If I Should Buy? If You Want Different Results, Then You Gotta Try Something Different. Jett A.I Robot Is 100% Risk-Free Take It For A Test-Drive, If You’re Unhappy They’ll Send You Your Money & You Can Keep Jett A.I Robot…


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