Instant Swipe File Review & OTO – Instant Swipe File Refreshed By Matt Bacak Review

Instant Swipe File OTO 1st to 4th Reviews: There is a front end offer and 4 One Time Offers. The 1st is Solo Ad Masterclass, the 2nd Instant Swipe File OTO is Secret Email Mastermind – (5603 Swipes), the 3rd is Matt’s 20 Checklists, the 4th Instant Swipe File OTO is Matt’s Checklists. There are some other down sells. The product is by Matt Bacak. All the links >>>

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Instant Swipe File Refreshed


Instant Swipe File is the amazing collection of more than 5,603 email swipes. All of them are profit producing, high converting and click getting swipe files for you.

These email swipes include all email swipes from promotional emails to follow up ones. This product will change completely how you communicate with your customers or subscribers. Once you try it, you’ll wish to have known it earlier. And in my Instant Swipe File Review today, I’ll show you why this package can make many marketers go crazy.

Thanks to Matt Bacak, I get the results I wanted


Creator Matt Bacak
Product Instant Swipe File – Refreshed
Official website Click Here
Front-End Price $7
Skill All Levels
Guarantee 365 Days Money Back Guarantee
Niche Email Marketing
Support Еffесtіvе Rеѕроnѕе
Recommend Highly Recommend!


The prominent figure behind this product is Matt Bacak, an online marketer, software developer and a respectable name in this competitive online market.

He has made their presence felt on the marketplace for quite some time and always had a flair for technology and that reflects in the launches that you may have heard of: Launch for Charity, Secret Email System, 5,001 Profit-Producing Emails, Prosperity Power™ software, Split Test Black Book, 16k Swipes and more to come in the future

This time, he is pulling out his best work to knock out what’s planned to be their biggest launch of 2022 and many heavy hitters already on board committed for sending monstrous amounts of traffic.


You might think, of course, there’re emails in it. Right, it’s exactly 5603 email swipes. And I think you’re smart enough to turn these swipes into your own emails. But in this Instant Swipe File Review, I want to point out what these emails can do for your business:

  • More than 5600 email profit producing, click getting swipes
  • Freely customize them into many thousands emails for your own
  • Use their working ideas to come up with the brilliant one for your sites and pages
  • Increase the opening rate
  • Promote the conversion rate
  • Get huge paychecks
  • Save your money and your budget
  • Say goodbye to high-charge writers with might-work email
  • Great customer support service from the developer
  • Attractive bonuses for the early comers
  • Save time and your effort for collecting money, huge money is coming
  • And finally I want to remind you that along with these swipes, you’ll get “73 subject line split tests”


“Why create mediocrity when you can copy genius? Just picked this up because Matt’s one of the few people who really get email marketing, and we are always looking for more great ideas for broadcasts and follow ups. Thanks man, amazing value here.”-Jonathan Mizel, Legendary Email Marketer

“Theres a reason Matt is a such a big name in IM. He obviously knows what’s he doing and he’s been DOING IM (successfully) for 15 years. This is really a treasure because you get to study the psychlogy,buying triggers Matt used to rake in MILLIONs of dollars online. Email marketing is one of the most important aspects of IM. If done right its like printing money. Having a list of highy responsive subscribers that buy from you over n over is predictable and stable. Only if you have a great offer for them, plus know what to say n how to say it. Matt has mastered that! It can be used for email ideas and study material (for email copy)! Matt’s a millionaire for a reason. Might be smart to study him and his work! You wont regret it!”Keith88, Video Marketer

“If you’ve ever said to yourself, “I have a list, NOW what” (wondering what to write and send to your lists), or just want to save a LOT of time coming up with your own email campaigns, you’re going to want to get your hands on this swipe file from one I.M’s most experienced email marketers. Matt always gives massive value in his products.”

-Dave Lovelace, Content Developer Behind Many of Lurn’s Core Products

“Matt, I used another email from your swipe file. I just sent it out last night and it brought me in $400 profit in less than 24 hours”

“Matt Bacak has proven to be THE king of email marketing” – Grant Miller, Founder at Cool Renew MedSpa

“You bet Matt Bacak’s a master in selling. In IM, two years of success is impressive. I’ve seen Matt keep up with IM changes to remain a top seller for about 10 years. For the same price, would you rather buy a newbie swipe file or a proven master copywriter’s swipe file?”Mary Greene, Internet Marketer

“Just to put this into perspective for you guys, a few months ago I paid over $700 to have just FIVE emails written for a client of mine. Yeah, just five. Don’t get me wrong – they work – but look at the price tag!”The Founder of Somacore, LLC 

“I was lucky enough to get my hands on this before Matt and his team realize the “madness” they’re suffering from for letting something like this go at this price! I mean wow really?! I have been list building and email marketing for several years now and I say without one ounce of doubt, this IS a “MUST HAVE” for anyone truly wanting to add some zero’s to their bottom line!”
-Anthony H., Musician, Cage fighter, Surfer

“OMG Matt TOTALLY PWNED ME… For me, I hated writing emails (yeah, no emails – no $$$) This is because I do not know what to write and how to communicate constantly with my list. I would have kill my list if I have test it like Matt since I was writing the “incorrect way” With this amazing product.. I tested it immediately! Blown Away ~ My CTR DOUBLES! Now, I no longer have to worry what to send to my list anyone. Thanks Matt for putting in effort in producing one of the best products I ever got! Thumbs Up!” Highly Recommended. It definitely WORTH MUCH MORE! A True Copy, Paste, Click and Cash!
– Jackson Tan, Entrepreneur, Motivator, Dreamer

“Killer swipe file Matt! Saves me about $40,000 if I were to write these out or more if I paid a copywriter to create them for me! Not sure how you can afford to give them away like this” – Mark A Hultgren, Article and Affiliate Marketer

Matt Bacak is the “real deal!” Everything he does works very well!”

Terry Chavous

“I’ve been following Matt for several years, and during that time, I have generated multiple six-figures from implementing his strategies & techniques!”

Ricco Davis, Data Monetization Expert

“I’ve been modeling your emails for years and adapting them. At least the ones I could find. I’m so excited to be able to finally get my hands on your swipe file because I know they make sales in any niche with a just few little tweak’s. Now, I can model 5603 of them and use them. I worked it out and its 14.7 years of money making emails. I can’t wait to get my hands on this. I’m glad you put them all together in text files with the subject lines so I can quickly search for something to modify and mail. This is going to explode the new decade and 2022 for me! I really love this.” -Anthony Mc Carthy, Email Marketer

“Matt Bacak is 1 of the premier Internet Marketers on the planet! Anyone who wants amazing success online should follow everything he teaches, so they can make their dreams come true! He is walking brilliance!”

Jason Oman, Author of Conversation with Millionaires

“I’ve been following Matt for 5 years and never lets me down on over delivering massive value!”Tim Donovan, Million dollar Marketer

“Thanks Matt this is so cool and timely. Now I have an Edit, Copy & Paste solution to achieve more successful mailings!” – Keith Miller – Online Entrepreneur

“Before the authorities discover what a crazy deal he’s offering and put him away I suggest you jump on this fast! He might get found out and this massive opportunity could be gone forever. Whether you need these emails now or not. Get them. They will probably be the best Investment In email marketing you’ve ever made.” -David Crossland, Son of a coal miner, and proud of it


You might think this package is for copy writers. But they aren’t the only who get the fish here. You can make use of this package effectively foe your own business. So in my Instant Swipe File Review, I want to give the recommendation for all marketers and online business people as well. With the profit producing ideas from the email swipes, you can manage them into many other things to promote your business.

Why Should You Use It?

In my Instant Swipe File Review, I’ll tell you two reasons why I suggest you purchase it instantly:

The first is the cost. The average price of ONE writing work now ranges from $100 to $300. And when you want to promote any product, you can’t do it with just a single one emails. So let’s multiply the result with the number you want. It’ll be a big share of your budget.

Meanwhile, with this Instant Swipe File, you can get more than 5603 email swipes with more than $10. From these swipes files, you can create thousands of emails and other writing as well. The price will be cents for you.

The second is its efficiency. These email swipes have worked before. So you can trust them. With a swipe file from your copy writer, there is no guarantee that it’ll be the one helping your revenue.

But with the collection from Instant Swipe File, the percentage you get huge cash is much larger. And that’s how you do business, right? A successful person is the one who is willing take the risk but smart enough to use the better idea.


  • Instant Swipe File – Refreshed $7.48
  • Solo Ad Masterclass $27.31
  • Secret Email Mastermind – Yearly (5603 Swipes) $84.00
  • Secret Email Mastermind – Monthly (5603 Swipes) $9.95
  • Matt’s 20 Checklists $97.00
  • Matt’s Checklists $47.00


Instant Swipe File bonus

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