FunnelMates OTO – FunnelMates App By Cindy Donova Review

FunnelMates OTO 1, 2, 3: There is deluxe version as front end option and three other OTOs. The 1st FunnelMates OTO is Platinum Monthly/Annual/One Time Offer, the 2nd FunnelMates OTO is Source Code Bundle, the 3rd FunnelMates OTO is Agency License. There are some other FunnelMates OTO Down Sells. The product is by Cindy Donovan, Gary Alach & Kim Torrefranca. All the details >>>

If you buy it through my referral link, I will give you a special reward from me. This reward will help you earn more money when combined with FunnelMates.



FunnelMates is The First And Only Funnel Builder That PAYS YOU To Use It. This Newbie Friendly Make-Money Twist Has Their Beta Testers Gobsmacked And Is Guaranteed To Land A LOT Of Commissions In Your Pocket.

In an ideal world we would all have an ideal funnel for each and every ideal situation in the moment it’s needed. And in that same ideal world we’d all be earning big fat paychecks from the automation that a finely tuned email sequence can bring. BUT Making Funnels Is Hard Work. Creating, Writing, Designing, More Writing, Uploading, Testing, Tweaking…SCREAMING!

We’ve All Been There. Creating A Funnel Takes TIME. In a basic lead capture funnel you need: A lead magnet as the incentive, Your landing/optin page, Your thank you/download pages, Sales copy written for the pages, Follow up emails in your sequence, Emails loaded into autoresponder, Emails written regularly when the autoresponder sequence runs out. Creating A Funnel Costs MONEY. You need to have software to build the pages, design the graphics, format the pdf’s etc. Then you need to pay (monthly/yearly) for: A Domain Name, Hosting, Autoresponder Software Or if you Weren’t One Of The Lucky Few Blessed At Birth With The Illusive Techie Gene, You Can Outsource It And hope They Do A OK Job, Within The Budget You’d Hoped To Spend.

You might be thinking if only you could pay the $297/month for ClickFunnels all your funnel problems would be over. YES! They have templates and these glorious one-click solutions that make you look professional in a snap. BUT even with the supposedly magic money-making software, you still need to: Write sales copy (that converts…), Design the pages, Create the lead magnet, Write the email follow ups, Pray to God it makes some sales so you can cover next month’s rebill. And The One Thing People Seem To Turn A Blind Eye To They Get Outdated FAST. Once you’ve finally got your lead magnet set up, chances are … it might not be relevant for as long as you’d like. For real success you need something new, fresh, promoting hot products AS THEY LAUNCH or getting leads into your services and to your sales pages as they happen. Introducing FunnelMates.

Thanks to Cindy Donovan, I get the results I wanted

1-Click Funnels Are Just The Beginning. As You’ve Seen Having These Completely Ready To Go Funnels Live, Fully Branded And Filled With Prewritten Emails That Go Out On Complete Autopilot is As Easy As:

  • Step #1: Connect: Add your JVZoo, WarriorPlus, Clickbank, PayKickstart and PP to your account settings. They’re all free and if you’re new, they’ll show you how to sign up and set it up.
  • Step #2: Select: Use the ‘FunnelMates’ money they give you, to unlock your choice of profit funnels. Everything is instantly activated, branded, written + ready to make you cash.
  • Step #3: Profit. Your funnels each contain a customized traffic toolkit. Simply click to activate your traffic toolkit and add leads into your prewritten, fully automated, email sequences.

When you purchase today, you’ll get cash to spend on your choice of completely done for you, instant affiliate funnels already in their expanding marketplace. If you’re the funnel creator – YOU get paid. Of course, you don’t have to make funnels. Now is the perfect time to Get in there and lock in those kinds of residual profits for yourself.


Creator Cindy Donovan, Gary Alach & Kim Torrefranca
Product FunnelMates
Official website Click Here
Front-End Price $44.97 – $67
Bonuses Yes, Huge Bonuses
Skill All Levels
Guarantee 30 Days Money Back Guarantee
Niche Tools & Software
Support Еffесtіvе Rеѕроnѕе
Recommend Highly Recommend!


  • Beginner Friendly 27 Second Activation (No Editing!) There’s no editing code, no designing pages, no tricky configurations. Everything is done in your easy to use members dashboard.
  • High Converting Landing Pages With Targeted Lead Magnets That Pull In Subscribers Like Crazy!
  • Fully Integrated Funnel That Generates Sales On Autopilot
  • No Setup Needed, With Everything Hosted For You At No Extra Cost: FunnelMates is entirely cloud based, so you’ll find everything you need inside the member’s area, so you can get started immediately.
  • Hosted Email Software & (Optional) Autoresponder Integration
  • Unlimited Subscribers: With a system this powerful, filling your lists is going to be easier and faster and cheaper than anything you may have tried in the past.
  • Unlimited Professionally Written Follow Up Emails: All emails will use your affiliate link so you always get the affiliate commissions… doesn’t matter if it’s two years from now.
  • Automatically Earn Income From Multiple Affiliate Networks: On complete autopilot, with sales and commissions sent directly to your own account – no middleman cut.
  • 1-Click AutomaticallyCustomized Traffic Toolkit: Each unlocked funnel comes packed with a customised affiliate toolkit that’s as easy as copy paste or in some cases, click and share.
  • 100’s Of Niches Or Funnels By Request: Simply select one of their profit funnels to get started. They cover almost all niches and product types, from dating to WordPress and everything in between… no matter what you are interested in…they have you covered!
  • Add Your Own Scripts: Their easy script integration gives you full flexibility over your funnel pages, without having to deal with any page editing.
  • Use Your Own Domain Name: When you receive the link to your funnel you can choose from a regular, funnelmates link, a shortened/shareable version – or, you can add your own custom domain name.
  • Click Tracking & Statistics: Each funnel comes with a cleverly built tracking system. Simply add any keyword to the end of your funnel link and they’ll go to work for you, giving you a breakdown of unique clicks and signups for each of your traffic sources.
  • Peer Reviewed Rating System: their internal rating review system allows members to share their experience, post their star ratings and let you find the perfect funnel, that fits your needs.
  • Mac, PC & Mobile Friendly: Activating and setting up up your profit funnels is quick and easy, and can be done from literally anywhere.
  • GDPR Compliant: FunnelMates is entirely cloud based, so you’ll find everything you need inside the member’s area, so you can get started immediately.


  • Activate done-for-you funnels with just one click – includes an existing prewritten email series and lifetime, ongoing email promotions all with your affiliate link added into each one.
  • Enjoy unstoppable commissions on JVZoo, WarriorPlus, Clickbank, PayKickstart & more – in any niche – with every funnel you pick!
  • With FunnelMates, you can design your own funnels fast using their inbuilt customizable templates – one click and all funnel pages are created and ready to customise with their drag and drop designer.
  • Capture an unlimited number of leads using your own funnels or by activating funnels created by other people, hosted, queued and delivered by us. Nothing techie to code or write.
  • Create your own funnels and profit in three ways: use them yourself, sell them to others, or let others use them for free and you get a copy of their leads added automatically to your connected autoresponder.
  • Create or use funnels across a variety of niches (the niches and funnels available is growing daily)!
  • Integrates effortlessly with JVZoo, WarriorPlus, ClickBank and more!
  • Connects easily to your favorite autoresponder!
  • Want to have affiliates build lists AND promote an evergreen webinar? You can do that too, with their GoToWebinar integration.
  • Lets anyone create a funnel fast – no special skills, knowledge or experience required!
  • Get started in less than 30 seconds with this cloud-based, user-friendly funnel builder and marketplace!
  • Use your own domain names so it looks like you’re hosting the funnel – without any of the tricky or expensive hosting costs.
  • Community reviewed rating system ensures the quality of these funnels stays strong so the funnels your promoting will get more signups and sales than ever!
  • Add your own scripts to activated funnels, so you can add messenger bots, retargeting pixels and more.
  • Track your clicks, conversions and more in your dashboard too.



If you’ve found it hard to get thousands of subscribers on your lists… Keep reading, ‘cause this is something that’s working insanely well for me right now There’s a new software that lets you:

  • Sign up and login to the dashboard
  • Tell them where to send your payments (fill out your profile)
  • Activate done for you, fully designed, affiliate promotion filled funnels

All branded to you, so all the links on the pages and in the emails are yours. It’s insane and the selection of funnels they have is wild

Part of the reason they have such a diverse and varied collection of funnels is what leads me to this insane list building hack I’ve just discovered.

You see – FunnelMates isn’t just some collection of done-for-you funnels They’ve turned the tables and made it so that YOU can use their templated system, create funnels and SELL them (and get paid cash)

Which is great. A funnel builder that actually pays you to use it… Insane! But what I discovered takes this to a whole new level. When you’re using the FunnelMates software to build an affiliate funnel You can choose to offer the funnel to other members for free

Why would you do the work and not take money? Especially since they’re basically throwing it away right now

The launch price of the FE standard Licence will be $33.97 and the deluxe will be $46.95. These price of the Deluxe License will gradually increase throughout the launch

Note: There is a Coupon FM2OFF which will be valid for the whole launch and will enable a further $2 off the price of the deluxe.

>>>Click here for more details<<<


Option 1: $27/m

Option 2: $297/yr

Option 3: One Time Payment $997

>>>Click here for more details<<<

FunnelMates Platinum Monthly Trial $1  (See more)

Customers receive: $30 a month credit to spend on any marketplace items. *Credits do NOT carry over each month. 

As well as unlocking the following Funnel Mates Platinum only benefits:

  • Create and publish an UNLIMITED number of funnels (previously 3/month)
  • Activate as many free funnels from the marketplace as you want (previously 2/month)
  • Sell ANY kind of offer in your funnels opening up opportunities to make Shopify, SamCart, Kartra, ThriveCart funnels, MLM funnels, Funnels for coaches or offline business and so much more
  • Create/Publish Premium Whitelabel Funnels (Can sell, for a higher amount letting the purchasing member edit and customise the funnels you create and sell.) 
  • Create/Publish Premium Exclusive Funnels (Can sell for a much higher amount, selling complete ownership of created funnel with all editing and publishing permissions transferred to new owner)
  • Clone your funnels: Ability to clone your funnels so you can create and publish more funnels faster


Customers receive: 

  • A collection of 140+ done for you lead capture funnels including giveaway reports, landing and download pages, graphics and followup email sequences for each.  
  • Includes word doc/psd files for each funnel
  • Plus TWO new added every month
  • Pay once and get access to this massive collection that continues to grow
  • Perfect for using to create your own FunnelMates funnels, that you can use or sell

>>>Click here for more details<<<


Allows members to create unlimited FunnelMates accounts and transfer funnels to clients.

NOTE: This is not like a resellers account where customers get what’s available on the frontend, the new account will contain all of the frontend features but will not give them any marketplace credits.

BONUS: AGENCY PROFITS: Any affiliate links (to preview a product or sales page) in the member’s area of new accounts you’ve created will contain YOUR affiliate links, so you can earn commissions on hundreds of affiliate offers by giving them FunnelMates accounts

Accounts cannot be given away for free, but can be bundled with an offer of $47 or greater or added as a bonus for a product with sale price of $97 or higher.

>>>Click here for more details<<<


  • Truth is Cindy…I skipped right to the end. Can you sum up FunnelMates for me in just a few words? No problem. Just imagine having countless funnels at your fingertips, for every niche imaginable (yep, including yours) where affiliate & digital Marketers are showered with automated leads & floods of commissions from multiple networks in only 27 seconds. AND It includes access to the fully established marketplace where you can build and sell funnels to other affiliate marketers bringing extra revenue if you so choose.
  • Hold on. Did you say set up only takes 27 seconds? How is that even possible? Yep, 27 seconds. I know, I know. It sounds a little out there… Luckily for you, I made a video to show you just that. (Ironically, it’s longer than it takes you to set up your first funnel on FunnelMates.)
  • Ok, I get it now. So, what affiliate networks does FunnelMates support? ALL the big players… JVZoo, WarriorPlus, Clickbank, Shopify, Amazon, ThriveCart, PayKickstart…The list goes on. That’s not the best bit though. This is all done on complete autopilot, with sales and commissions sent directly to your own account – there’s no middleman cut, you’ll get it all!
  • Cindy, I hope you don’t take this the wrong way…but what’s your background? Don’t be silly. It’s an important question. They’ll… I’ve been a full time online marketer for over 14 years after getting started by ‘accident’. I created a website in my forced downtime while undergoing chemotherapy for some particularly aggressive cancer. I knew nothing about online business, or business at all… haha!
  • You mentioned FunnelMates spending money, what’s that? Glad you asked. In short FunnelMates spending money is the currency you’ll use inside the platform. As you know, FunnelMates also includes a marketplace with countless funnels to choose from. These all include hosting, are affiliate link filled, with email follow-up sequences to get you up and running straight away. If you join too they give you $20 $30 FunnelMates cash to get you started so you pick the perfect funnel for your needs.
  • So how many instant funnels can I get for $20? You’ll be surprised! because Funnel prices are set by the funnel builder with many starting around $1- $5 you can pick up a few. Of course, there are more expensive ones but believe her, your $30 will go a long way.
  • Ok, so what if I’m looking for a new funnel, but I’ve spent all of my cash? gain, this is no problem because they’ve got lots of options for you. You can create one using the funnel builder, unlock one of their many FREE to use funnels (max of 2 per month), spend cash you’ve earned from funnel sales, or buy more “FunnelMates cash” available in your member’s area. Whatever option you choose, you’ll be getting a funnel perfect for your needs (With all the bells and whistles) for a fraction of the cost you’d find elsewhere.
  • So, if I choose to create funnels and sell them on FunnelMates, how do I get paid? Short answer…It’s completely up to you. My advice, once you’ve joined FunnelMates, go over to the FunnelMates store in your dashboard to see what people are buying more of right now, at which price range, and pick a price you feel comfortable with.
  • I really want to give FunnelMates a try. Is there a Guarantee? ABSOLUTELY! Listen, I think this is the BEST funnel builder bar none out there on the market today as it’s designed specifically to make your life as easy as possible. But of course, I’m biased. That’s why I want to give you a chance to remove all doubt and instead of locking yourself into something “forever”, I invite you to just try it out instead.
  • When You Join Our Happy FunnelMates family now, and if you aren’t absolutely thrilled with your results in 30 days, simply contact their support team and they’ll refund your money. No Questions asked, No hard feelings, No Kidding!


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