Affiliate Millionaire Review & OTO – Affiliate Millionaire By Andrew Fox Review

Affiliate Millionaire OTO 1, 2, 3: There is a front end and three other OTOs. The 1st Affiliate Millionaire OTO is 5 ‘Done For You’ Golden Campaigns, the 2nd Affiliate Millionaire OTO is Super Affiliate Builder Software, the 3rd Affiliate Millionaire OTO is AM Club – Campaign of the Month / New Video / New Ads / New Video Overview. The product is by Chris Fox & Andrew Fox. All the links here >>>

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Affiliate Millionaire


Affiliate Millionaire is the ULTIMATE ‘step-by-step’ A-Z guide of going from $0 to $500+ per day with affiliate marketing. The training has been created to suit all levels of marketers from newbies to those who are experienced.

Thanks to Andrew Fox, I get the results I wanted

If you finally wanted the ultimate guide written by a total “non guru” – just a regular guy who ‘cracked’ the affiliate marketing code then Affiliate Millionaire could be just what you’ve been waiting for.


Vendor Andrew Fox
Product Affiliate Millionaire
Launch Date 2021-Nov-15
Launch Time 12:00 EST
Front-End Price $39
Refund YES, 30 Days Money-Back Guarantee
Product Type Affiliate Marketing 
Support Effective Response
Recommended Highly Recommended
Skill Level Needed All Levels


Pre Warm Up – Affiliate Millionaire Mind Set

  • #1 most important “know your numbers” skill you MUST know otherwise you’ll struggle to ever make a profit
  • The 40/20/20 Diversification Rule – I always use this to run my own affiliate campaigns. Once I applied this method I always have constant winning campaigns coming in
  • How to understand the difference between “High Risk and low risk” campaigns and what works the best for you

Module 1 – Research – Picking Your Hot Proven Offer

  • Finding the hottest niches / verticals
  • How to legally spy ACTUAL Hot Offers affiliates are running (let them spend their money, then you snipe)
  • Which trusted affiliate networks have the highest payouts, best conversions and have paid out on time for over 10 years on row
  • How to earn up to $203 commission selecting the best funnels
  • The Holy Grail “A-List Offers” Playbook. Save 100’s of hours of your time by going straight these proven offers

Module 2 – Creating The Perfect Lander

  • The 3 types of Landers that convert like crazy and you can run compliantly (quiz, splash, blog style – we’ll show you exactly how)
  • The exact 4 QUESTIONS that boosted our click through rate by 9% and were responsible for $37,956 in profit in 1 WEEK
  • Blog style lander which results in 400% cheaper click rates that Facebook love
  • The “Splash Page” which results in $1.73 EPCs that NOBODY else uses

Module 3 – “Funnel Tastic’ + Power Tracking

  • Creating the optimal email follow up sequence that has generated $500 > $1000 / day
  • Installing the pixels the RIGHT way to accurately track
  • How to place your pixel with Clickbanks NEW system (that no one is teaching yet) to skyrocket conversion rates
  • The “Hidden” golden standard of ad tracker that cost pennies on the dollar, that shows the winning 237% profitable campaigns
  • How to Work with Vendors to get the ULTIMATE ‘Lookalike audiences” that some can get 1000

Module 4 – Targeting + Campaign Set up

  • Targeting
  • Ad “AZ“ structure
  • Campaign Structure
  • Audience Targeting
  • The PERFECT testing formula and daily ad spend
  • How to warm your ad account up using the “german handshake” method which results in penny clicks on FB
  • BONUS The untapped hidden traffic source for affiliate marketing

Module 5 – The Perfect Ad Copy And Creatives

  • The secret outlets for the hottest converting images to uses in yours ad for as little as $5!
  • Got a Smart Phone? How To create The Ultimate Ad In Your Own House for FREE regular house items that everyone has!
  • Screw expensive designers – Once you discovered this formula you’re never getting ripped off ever again
  • The DOUBLE conversion ad – How To Change the Angles of your Ad to Increase Conversions by over 50% (It’s free!)
  • How to use the #1 FB ad Copyrighters in the business then re purpose the ad to generate 5-10X variations

Module 6 – Launching the Campaign

  • What is the BEST time to turn your campaign on or it will BURN your budget and leave you pennyless
  • How to use the “secret tracker” to find out when to launch your campaign and get the best conversion (you could boost your ROI by 349% using this method)
  • Day parting software
  • Lifetime budget or Daily Budget? Which wins – find out the real answer (it might surprise you)
  • What is the optimal daily budget and # of days for “testing” a campaign to find the winner and cut the losers

Module 7 – Optimise and Scale

  • How to study your winning campaign and scale fast using the S.H.A.F “quick fire” method
  • Seeing the best time of days to run your ads and then leave them on auto pilot.
  • Moving winners into “Campaign Budget” Optimisation to Scale Fast
  • When And How To move to “Manual Bidding” to ensure you are getting targets of 200-300% ROI
  • How to use the #1 FB ad Copyrighters in the business then re purpose the ad to generate 5-10X variations

It Can Literally Take 1 Winning Ad & 1 Lander – Check this $185,395.23 Winning Page

Imagine Learning from A Newbie > Super Affiliate Who generated $1,493,482.70 Affiliate Commissions in Clickbank in 1 Year

At last – you can finally can get your hands on the complete “A-Z” Affiliate Millionaire complete guide in the next 60 seconds.

Which has been created by a BEGINNER laid out in ‘step by step‘ fashion.



Download Affiliate Millionaire Instantly Today

  • Module 1 – Research – Picking Your Hot Proven offer
  • Module 2 – Creating The Perfect Lander
  • Module 3 – “Funnel Tastic’ + Power Tracking
  • Module 4 – Ad Targeting + Campaign Set up
  • Module 5 – Creating Perfect Ad Copy And Creatives
  • Module 6 – Launching the Campaign
  • Module 7 – Optimise and Scale
  • Bonus #1: The $185 k (confirm numbers) in 7 Days, Winning Ad Lander
  • Bonus #2: “The Holy Grail – A-List Offers” Playbook. Save 100’s of hours of your time by going to these straight proven offers
  • Bonus #3: How To Save Your FB Accounts and get them back that 99% of affiliates have no clue about
  • Bonus #4: Affiliate Millionaire Club – Get access to our private group where you can ask questions with ourselves, other members

UPSELL #1 – 5 ‘Done For You’ Golden Campaigns ($197)

Would you like to Copy 5 of the Hottest ‘Done For You” Campaigns That Have Brought Them In Over $1,493,482.70 this Year?

(Get a 50% Straight Up Discount if You Order Right Now)

Introducing the “Golden ‘5 Campaign Copy, Paste and Go” Upgrade Pack

These are proven campaigns, that work for us all year round!

Simply put – we love them!

Campaign #1 – Dental Niche

This is one of the most “under the radar” niches on CB that does HUGE sales every single day for us.

Inside the campaign we reveal the EXACT product we are promoting

We explain why we use a particular style of ad copy, headlines and reveal the actual interests that are crushing right now for us.

We love this industry – It’s an affiliate goldmine yet hardly anyone knows about it!

Campaign #2 – Weight Loss

Weight Loss products can be massively profitable for us but you MUST run them correctly or your ad account could get closed.

It is a high risk/ high reward niche – but very lucrative in our opinion

Inside this detailed case study we reveal the “do’s and don’ts” of setting up a campaign in this industry .

If you are going to consider running a campaign in this industry this is an absolutely must watch.

Campaign #3 – Feet Related

Did you know “feet related” info products and curing certain ailments of the feet is one of the HOTTEST converting niches there is?

Until we started testing it ourselves we couldn’t believe how well this converted for us.

However it took us some time – But inside this campaign we tell you EXACTLY what is working for us , and how to set everything up.

The interests, the ad copy and what kind of lander worked best.

Campaign #4 – Water Freedom System – Survival

With the recent events of the world and the Covid pandemic people are now more on high alert than ever before.

This Water related offer shows people how to provide for themselves if they were forced too.

Do not underestimate the social power of people in his niche.

It’s red hot for conversions.

Campaign #5 – Altai Balance – Blood Sugar/Diabetes

Diabetes and Blood Sugar is not only an evergreen market – it’s a GROWING market!

Unfortunately due to many factors these health ailments are on the rise and there are particular products that convert incredibly well.

You MUST be very careful in the wording and language you use while promoting these offers.

But get it right – there can be some amazing results.

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UPSELL #2 – Super Affiliate Builder Software ($97)

Simple ‘Point n Click’ Affiliate Millionaire Software That Get Us $0.02+ Leads & Great Conversions

Click Play Below To Watch The Video Now And See How It All Works…

  • Step One: COPY OUR WINNING QUIZ FUNNELS. Build Your Super Affiliate Friendly Page In Hot Converting Niche Using Our ‘Drag N Drop’ Tool.
  • Step Two: GET TRAFFIC – WE HAVE GOT $0.02 CLICKS. Use the Proven Winning Ads We Supply To get ultra cheap high quality clicks
  • Step Three: AMAZING CONVERSIONS. Automatically Segment your leads into high Converting specific email sequences

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UPSELL #3 – AM Club – Campaign of the Month / New Video / New Ads / New Video Overview  ($47 / Month, 30 Days Free)

Get Your 30 Day Trial To The Golden Campaign of The Month Delivered Straight To Your InBox Every Month- Just Login, download and go!

What You’ll Get With Affiliate Millionaire Golden Campaign Of The Month:

  • New Affiliate Industry : Our team will research and test the latest affiliate campaigns each month and share the winners (Value $497)
  • New Landing Page: We give you the winning tested template so you can copy (Value $197)
  • ​New Ad Copy & Images – We will give you the winning ad copy and images from our tests ($497 value)
  • ​​New Interest targeting: – We will share the interests that are converting to copy ( $297 value)

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Q: How long did it realistically take me to get to $1,000 per day profit?

For me I had learned some basic FB advertising skills for local lead generation which I then turned to affiliate marketing.

The answer is totally dependent on your personal circumstances and everyone is different.

I first started Clickbank in 2020 so I I can only tell you my own numbers and story – I can’t promise anything what yours will be.

As such there is no such thing as a “typical result”.

Q: What ad spend do you recommend to get started?

You can start as little at $5/day with ad spend however we recommend a budget of $20-30 day to start getting a reasonable amount of clicks to your landing pages.

Q: Will my ad account get shut down and get you help get it back?

Whilst we cannot make any guarantees, we can lay out the exactly system , procedures and wording we use that had led to us keeping our accounts open. There are certain niches that are deemed as higher risk than others such as “weight loss”. If you are a beginner we recommend starting in more risk adverse niches such as dental, wood working etc.

Q: Do I need any others tools or software

You do not need any additional software of products to study the course. You will need to create landing pages which can be done in some free word press plugins however the easiest way is to use point and click editor like Clickfunnels, Page Wiz, Lead pages, convertri. Again it’s totally dependant on your prior experience so for each individual it is different.



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