LocalSitesGo Ultimate V2 OTO – LocalSitesGo Ultimate V2 By RC Romero Review

LocalSitesGo Ultimate V2 OTO 1, 2, 3: There is a Unlimited license as front end option and three other OTOs. The 1st LocalSitesGo Ultimate V2 OTO Is LSG Pro Ultimate V2, the 2nd is LandingPageGo Ultimate V2, the 3rd is LocalSitesGo Ultimate Version 1 Bundle. There are some other LocalSitesGo Ultimate V2 OTO Down Sells. The product is by RC Romero. All the links >>>

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LocalSitesGo Ultimate V2

LocalSitesGo Ultimate V2 What Is It?

LocalSitesGo Ultimate V2 is the Best WordPress Theme Ever! It’s Built To Launch Sites Fast And Easy With As Little Effort As Possible, Instant Install Technology With The A Single Click, and it Saves Time And Development Costs!

Did you know: Website Development is a $34 Billion (with a “B”) Dollar Industry. There are 28 Million Small Businesses in the US – 8 Million Don’t Have A Website. AND there are 500,000 New Businesses Every Month – 71% are projected to get a website. That’s 350,000 new Webistes NEEDED Every Month! And that’s just new Web Business. Just think about all the old and outdated Websites the need to be redone. Website Development is a Booming Market and will be for years to come. The EASIEST way to fulfill websites, needed for local businesses, is LocalSitesGo Ultimate V2.

Those who know, know that Elementor is the most flexible website page builder. It’s lightweight so it’s lightning fast and it’s being updated all the time. They all love the drag and drop builder, it’s makes editing websites as easy as editing a Word Document. Elementor translates beautifully to all mobile devices and it’s FREE. Yes there’s a Pro Version, but you don’t need it to use LocalSitesGo Ultimate V2.

It puts you in the driver’s seat ready to deliver websites to local markets. It saves you time and development costs by having niche websites ready to go. Seriously, with a single click you can instantly create a website. LocalSitesGo Ultimate V2 is making the jobs of local digital marketers SOOOO much easier.

If you’re new to digital marketing, LocalSitesGo Ultimate V2 sets you on the right path. If you’ve been around for awhile you might know Ruben Romero. He started online full time in 2005. He is launching LocalSitesGo Ultimate V2 to save us the headaches you and I know all too well. If you don’t know him, Ruben is a master at streamlining processes and making life easier. Just knowing that this is about to be released is easing my stress already. Gone are the days when you spend all you time and money fulfilling websites. Get It Now.

What Exactly is LocalSitesGo Ultimate V2?

LSG Ultimate V2. Get 100 Instant Install Local Business WordPress Themes Created In Just A Few Minutes. All Web 2.0, Mobile Responsive, and Global Color Control.

Create 100 Different & Beautiful WORDPRESS Websites In One Click With LocalSitesGo Version 2.

  • 100 New Professionally Designed, Niche Specific, Layouts
  • One-Click Design Import
  • 500+ Prebuilt Pages
  • Royalty-Free Images
  • No Clunky Short Codes
  • Built With Elementor Drag & Drop Live Page Builder
  • No Coding
  • 110+ Amazing Features
  • Infinitely Customizable Theme

LocalSitesGo Ultimate V2 Overview

Product name LocalSitesGo Ultimate V2
Vendor Tony Earp
Front-end price $37
Homepage Click Here
Release Date 2021-Oct-05
Release Time 11:00 EDT
Niche Software
Recommended Very High
Skill levels needed No need any skills
Support Effective Response
Bonuses Yes. Huge Bonuses
Refund 30 Day Money Back Guarantee 

LocalSitesGo Ultimate V2 Features


Here’s everything LocalSitesGo Ultimate V2 got for you:

100 Attractive & Niche-Specific Templates

One-Click Design Import

Full control of your website:

Total Header Control

  • 13 Unique Pre-Built Headers
  • Flexibility To Create Completely Custom Headers
  • Header Element Position Controls
  • Unlimited Color Control (Including Transparency)
  • Sticky Header Option
  • HTML Header Options
  • Social Icon Size, Position & Color Control
  • Menu Control
  • Search Icon Size, Position, & Color Control
  • Header Image Option

Total Footer Control

  • Universal Footer Creation
  • Customizable Universal Widget
  • Pre-Footer Controls
  • Native Widget Footer Integration
  • Footer Column Control

Elementor Drag & Drop Live Page Builder

  • Most Flexible Page Builder: Elementor is the best page builder in the market. It’s constantly being updated & isn’t an IM product. So it won’t become useless, out-dated, & unsupported in a few months or less than a year like other internet marketing products. It’s also lightweight and lightning-fast!
  • Drag And Drop Builder: With Elementor, you can create beautiful websites with it’s powerful, drag-&-drop editor, that edits fast, is infinitely and easily changeable without knowing how to code. You see exactly what your page looks like as you edit it and can make changes live, fast, and on the fly.
  • Infinite Mobile Experience: Customize your visitors’ experience on mobile, tablets & desktop. Change the spacing, size, or other features specifically on mobile or tablet views for infinite flexibility.
  • No Upgrades Needed: Elementor is free but they do have a pro version. However, with Local Sites Go Ultimateyou won’t need to upgrade because those features are built-in. No need to purchase anything else.

110+ Amazing Features


Infinitely Customizable Theme

  • Instant Installer: Create a website in an instant with their one-click niche installer technology.
  • Fast Loading: Tiny, fast-loading theme. The theme itself is a small file to help maximize load time.
  • Custom Websites: Create your own sites easily without coding and with any theme builder.
  • Elementor Designs: The Local Sites Go Ultimate designs are made for Elementor but the theme can work with any page builder.
  • Native Structure: Their theme is built using WordPress’s Native Customization Features. Not a bulky add-on.
  • Unlimited Colors: Get an unlimited color palette (including transparent colors). Change your elements to any color.
  • Customization: Customize everything without restrictions: fonts, headers, preheaders, backgrounds, menus, icons, footer, pre-footers.
  • Mobile Responsive: Each & every element can be individually positioned, displayed & adjusted so it looks good on tablets and mobile devices.
  • Multi-Site: Whether you’re looking to install on an individual site or multi-site install (with a developer license), it will work! They tested it on both.
  • Logo Controls: Complete logo control using an image or use their powerful text logo controls for an instant logo. No more waiting for the clients to send you something.
  • Menu Control: Total menu control. Have the same or different menus for mobile and desktop computers. Local Sites Go Ultimate even has an option for split menus.
  • Site Typography: Control site typography. Change H1, H2, H3, H4, H5, H6, body, hyperlink, blog, sidebar, widget, etc for the entire site from the customization page.
  • Woocommerce: They’ve got tons of Woocommerce features to make your WordPress pages look stunning. You can custom build your eCommerce pages to look just the way you want with Elementor’s drag and drop builder.
  • Font Logos: Want to get a demo site up fast? No need to wait for the client to even send you a logo. You can use google fonts to create instant text font-logo for your clients as easy as editing a font. With or without a tagline.
  • Backgrounds: Complete background control. Choose a background image with parallax, particle, or one of their many other image background features. Have infinite control over the background color & transparency.

LocalSitesGo Ultimate V2 Demo


LocalSitesGo Ultimate V2 OTOs

LocalSitesGo Ultimate V2 FE

  • LocalSitesGo Ultimate Basic V2 $37.99
  • LocalSitesGo Ultimate Unlimited V2 $39.99

LocalSitesGo Ultimate V2 fe

LocalSitesGo Ultimate V2 OTO 1: LocalSitesGo Pro Ultimate V2 $67.99

LocalSitesGo Pro Includes:

  • 300! Additional Professionally Designed Layouts
  • 100 Niches All With Three Additional Designs
  • One-click Design Import
  • 1500+ Prebuilt Pages
  • Royalty Free Images
  • No Clunky Short Codes
  • Built With Elementor Drag & Drop Live Page Builder
  • No Coding
  • 110+ Amazing Features
  • Infinitely Customizable Theme


LocalSitesGo Ultimate V2 OTO 2: LandingPageGo Ultimate V2 $47.99

Businesses Spending Money In Adwords Desperately Need These Landing Pages

  • Adwords Ready For All 100 V2 Niches
  • Tested High Converting Layout
  • Optimized Design And Ready To Go
  • Instant Content Installation
  • No Need To Hire A Designer Or Developer
  • High Demand From Businesses With Money
  • Easily Customized, Edited, & Adjusted
  • Bonus: EZ Landing Copy Formula
  • Bonus: InstaRank Schema Plugin For Faster Setup & Improved SEO


LocalSitesGo Ultimate V2 OTO 3 LocalSitesGo Ultimate Version 1 Bundle $127.00

For those who missed out on LSG V1, they can now get the entire bundle at a discounted price. 600 Designs in 150 niches plus 150 landing pages. All Web 2.0 and Mobile Responsive


LocalSitesGo Ultimate V2 FAQs

  • Do I Need To Purchase Elementor Pro For These Sites To Work? You do not have to purchase Elementor pro for these sites to work. All the features included are built on Elementor basic and the included plugins. Nothing more to buy!
  • Can I Resell This Theme? With a 10 site license, you are allowed to install the theme and plugins on 10 personal sites only. If you purchased the developer license, you can install it on as many personal or client websites you want, but you are not allowed to sell a theme developed with Local Sites Go Ultimate as a stand-alone theme.
  • Can I Still Use This Even If I’m Brand New To WordPress? Absolutely! Their theme and the page builder are super easy to use and understand, even for a newbie!
  • Are They Holding Back Features So You Can Upsell Them To Me Later? They are not holding anything back to try to sell you any additional features or themes. Everything is included. They do have three additional offers that have nothing to do with these designs. The first one is landing pages for each of the niche sites. The second is for additional site designs for these specific niches. And finally a mentorship. They aren’t holding back any features in Local Sites Go Ultimate itself so there’s no need to buy anything else.
  • Where’s My Product? Here’s how the purchase process works: after you purchase, you will be redirected to the member’s area. You will also get an email with login details.
  • What If I Need Support? Their support team is here to help! If you need help or a refund or anything, just reach out to them and they’ll get back to you ASAP. Don’t reach out to them via their PayPal email because that email is not monitored. You can get support at terrificsupport.com

LocalSitesGo Ultimate V2 Bonuses


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