LifeSites Review – LifeSites Software By Anirudh Baavra & Amit Gaikwad

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in this lifesites review i’m going to
be showing you a software that’s going
create and host your websites for you in
under 30 seconds
and make sure you stay until the end of
this review as i’m also going to be
showing you all the different otos and
so you’ll know exactly what you’re
getting into if you decide to purchase
if you’re new to my channel my name is
mike thomas i’m a seven figure affiliate
marketer i do these reviews every single
day so that you can get the best deals
on upcoming
software and courses if at any point
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before we get started here i want to
show you my bonus page i’ve got a ton of
extra bonuses for you
that you’re going to be getting if you
pick this up through my link all these
will be waiting for you inside of
warrior plus after you purchase
through my link let’s take a look at the
sales page here together it says now 30
seconds is all you need to create a
stunning website
futuristic ai technology creates
automated high converting websites in
just 30 seconds
that you can sell for the top dollar and
hottest niches skip hassles to directly
dominate trending niches like fitness
dating pets
self-improvement technology affiliate
marketing finance and countless others
so essentially we’ll let you uh has a
three uh click high quality attractive
website creation drag and drop
has ssl encryption limit list hosting
included at no extra cost
seo optimized websites you can use your
own domain built-in wordpress installer
all these included at a very low
one-time price so step one
you just purchase step two you fill in
some quick details like your business
name color streaming and contact details
and then your website is all ready for
you and of course you can go in there
and edit
it there as well now i’m going to skip
through a lot of the sales page stuff
here uh just to kind of show you the
stuff that’s important i mean they’ve
got some screenshots and stuff here
but it really has nothing to do with uh
creating websites
does it let me bring you down here to
the bottom
oh you can see some examples of like
some websites uh here
that you can create with it like fitness
training health
dating and relationships pets
self-improvement wealth building through
beauty treatments make money on the
internet gadgets and technology all
these different niches that you can do
use with this uh here and like of course
it’s a one-time
price for all of that uh let me
show you okay so you can do 100 plus
done for you stunning website
templates are included uh you get all
these different things here it’s mobile
responsive i know a lot of you are uh
want to make sure that’s there it has a
commercial license with it so it looks
like you can actually sell these as a
service to people as well so you can
create these websites and sell them to
it’s all closed all hosted in the cloud
here um
let’s see here no monthly cost if you
buy during
the uh introductory period now i’m going
to show you a quick demo video
unfortunately demo video doesn’t have
any talking on it so
just just so you know when you when you
go into this so you can actually see a
little bit of inside there
then i’m going to come back and show you
inside my account and the different
upgrades and otos
so here’s the back end area here now it
has everything you need to get started
here things like
walk-through videos they’re going to
show you exactly like how to do that how
to do everything in here how to set
everything up
uh it will allow you to create your new
done-for-you site in here edit your
has all the different uh templates and
everything that you need in order to get
started with this
done a few agents and done for your
blogs all your different sites here are
in the back and area of here now i want
to make sure you guys see this too they
have some uh different otos and upgrades
so the first one is
unlimited websites unlimited domains
unlimited hosting
so if you want to get unlimited then you
want to pick this one up too this also
has a free commercial
license for the unlimited license here
if you want to get this one here and
that’s going to be
uh let me see here if i can show you
guys the price
i always want to show you the price uh
37 for this so that’s really
inexpensive for what you’re getting here
next one here must have add-on features
so it’s going to give you done for your
econ funnels done for your blog stuff
your squeeze page funnels
uh so if you want to have all those done
for you you can pick this one up here
find you the price on this
i always like when they put the price on
the sales page that’s 47 for that one
the next one here leveraged in three
separate billion dollar industries we’ve
done for you membership portals course
portals and affiliate promos
inside this one so this gives you more
uh looks like more done for you so this
was the difference between this one so
this one was w
econ bundles blogs okay so it’s just
more more done for you stuff
uh here for this one and i’m assuming
the price is
the same
i always want to show you this 47 for
this one then they have an agency deal
activate your full-blown agency website
so if you want to have like an agency
uh with this it’s going to give you like
your i think your own like done for your
website professionally develop proposals
commercial graphics
uh cold call email sequences
telemarketing scripts legal contracts
facebook ads
uh all with this one and this one
97 for this one so this one’s a little
more expensive next one you can get full
white label right you can put your own
brand your own logo your own custom
colors and keep 100
of the money selling this so if you want
to get that one you can get the
white label let’s show you the prices
that’s 197 for white label and the last
one here the secret to making profits
revealed this is their 1k academy
and if i show you that one
and that’s 197 for that one so all these
different otos all these different
upgrades completely optional pick and
choose which ones you want and forget
the ones that you don’t
so what do i like about live sites and
what don’t i like about it if i say
something that i don’t like about it
some of the marketing on the sales page
is a little bit hypey as always i’m used
to this by now
and if you’re going to get something
like this just be aware
that this is not gonna be as good as
paying three thousand dollars for a
dedicated hosting server i mean if you
if you pay for hosting and you pay for
for that you’re paying monthly for those
different things that’s not gonna be as
good as those this is for people
that are on a budget and don’t want to
be spending a ton of money on hosting
what do i like about this that being
said uh like people i know a lot of you
are struggling a lot of people don’t
have a big budget to spend on hosting
and websites
if you’re someone that is trying to save
money for someone that doesn’t like
spending a ton of money on all these
other things
then this might be something that would
be good for you especially if you’re
selling these as a service on places
like fiverr and upwork thank you so much
for checking out my review today if you
want to take a look at lifesites go
ahead and click the link below
also please like this video it really
helps out with my youtube channel and i
appreciate it and
make sure you hit that subscribe button
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as always thank you so much for watching
and i’ll see you again in my next review

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