Livvyo Review- worth or not?

Video marketing and live streaming are the two global leading sales tools right now. In the hope of getting more sales, most businesses need videos and live streaming to reach out to more customers. 

Because it’s global, imagine how much coverage your business can get when your video reaches more than one folder of customers who share the same language as yours. 

Let me share with you my newest discovery – Livvyo – the perfect tool for your video in this Livvyo review article. Read on.


Livvyo Review- Overview


Vendor: Firas Alame

Product: Livvyo

Launch Date: 2020-Aug-23

Launch Time: 11:00 EDT

Front-End Price: $47

Niche: General

What Is Livvyo?

Livvyo is a multilingual video converter software which can instantly translate any English video into other languages. Therefore, it gives you the opportunity to convert your videos into a global sales machine.

Everything in this software is autopilot, point-n-click simplicity. So without budget, language skills or technical experience, you can still have a taste of global sales.

About Author – Firas Alame


Firas Alame is an emerging and growing online marketer in the JVZoo marketplace.

His product may be few yet more surprising than expected. Some of his previous productions are Traffic Buddy, Konvertio, VeedAds.

What makes Livvyo different? (Best Features)

Auto translator

Turning video into a sales tool is so familiar. But you mostly can reach the customers who share the same language with you. 

Even if you want to reach a wider folder of customers from another part of the world, it’s not easy or cheap to find someone to do the translation for you. Even if you can hire someone to do the job, the after translation doesn’t always come the way you expected it to be. 

Luckily, Livvyo gets your back!

Livvyo has an innovative AI software to do the work. With this smart built-in translation technology, Livvyo can automatically translate the transcript, text in your video, subtitles, captions from English into any available language. 

If the results don’t satisfy you, you have total control and can always make changes as you wish. This brilliant feature not only saves you time and money, but it will also help you engage, captivate, and sell to audiences from all over the world.

Automatic Transcribing

If you embark on the video-making career long enough, you may have known marketing through video can never be done without a transcript. But, for some reason, the transcript is the first thing the video creators will miss. 

Worry not, with Livvyo, you will never need to worry about missing the transcript. The software will automatically create a transcript for your video in your preferred language with a timecode. 

Automated Caption Creation & Placement

Despite how much love you have for your video, creating captions and placing them in the right part of your video is a pain in the neck.

Livvyo will automatically “hear” the audio from your videos, transcribe them, convert them into auto-captions. Then, add the correct caption at the correct time in the video. 

What a savior to video creators!

Other Significant Features

  • Overlay And Auto Sync Subtitles

Livvyo not only translates text into subtitles, but it also creates auto-synced subtitles from the text in the video. The only thing you need to do is select the language that you want (original or translated text) to play with the video. 

  • Voice Over & Voice Level Control

Livvyo has a storage of more than 270 voices, it can learn and modify any accent, dialect, and style from these available voices. How you want your video sound, Livvyo can make it work.

Moreover, the software retains voice effects and voice animation of the original video, controlling the original video’s volume, thus giving your audience more enjoyment.

  • Live & Share 

Keeping up with the 4.0 revolution, Livvyo includes a built-in upload option right from inside the dashboard. You can live stream your English video or translated video in any language you want to youtube and Facebook, and more.


How Does It Work?

Step 1: Log In To The Software

Step 2: Upload video

Livvyo gives you options to upload, whether from your computer or your Youtube channel. This software even allows you to use any creative typical Youtube video. 

  • If you have videos ready to use, you can upload straight from your device.
  • If you have videos on your Youtube channel, copy the URL in the dialog box, the software will fetch the video info in no time.
  • If you don’t have any video yet, all you need to do is to search for videos related to your desired keyword or topic, click “use this video”. The fetching video info from Youtube will start right after the click. And, you’re good to go.

Step 3: Transcript, Voice-over, and more

After choosing the video, you can choose to video translate it first and stream it later or stream it directly.

After entering the project name, select the language, then click create a project. The program will show you the timeline of your video. This is where the magic begins, translating and editing video has never been easier.

You can control video volume, volume when voice-over is playing. 

Generating the transcript will only take 1 or 2 clicks. Don’t be surprised at how clean the finished transcription job Livvyo brings! Now, you can translate this transcription in any language that you want.

Next stop – the voice-over. To get the perfect voice-over that you wish, gender, speed, greeting voice name are the things that you should consider. After selecting the voice characteristics, Livvyo generates voice-over and matches the voice with the timeline with ease.

Step 4: Streaming

Now that you’re done editing your video, start sharing and start earning.

All you need to do now is to upload your intro, main video, and outro. Finish some account manager settings, then Voila, your video is ready to stream. 

Pros And Cons


  • Easy to use 
  • Marketer-at-any-level welcomed
  • Automated transcript, caption, subtitles translation
  • Auto voice over and voice control
  • Caption creation and placement 
  • Quick and simple live stream and share
  • Commercial License Included


  • So far, all is good

Who Should Use It?

Livyo is highly recommended for those who are:

  • Affiliates/Marketers
  • ECom Sellers
  • Service/product providers/ owners
  • Online business owners
  • Anyone who is interested in making money online

Price And Evaluation

The price for this super smart and useful software is started at 47 dollars. 

Some might say it is not a good deal because they can get a super cool video creator software at the same price. But, have you seen what this program can do? 

Besides auto translates literally every content of your video, from subtitles to transcript to captions, Livvyo overlay and synced subtitles, caption placement, and voice over.

By taking care of the most cumbersome parts when doing multi-language video, $47 is a fair price.

Real User Experience

My favorite part with Livvyo is translation and voice-over. Admittedly, Livvyo blew me away with its brilliant autopilot translation skill. 

There are more than 270 voices stored in the software, so Livvyo can modify any accent, dialect, and style from this voice storage. Can’t lie that I had a pretty crazy and fun time with this voice storage. 

I mean have you ever tried to copy the sounds of different people when you were a kid? Livvyo brings back my childhood vibe. I tried all types of voices and accents on my video and had more than one good laugh. 

More than that, it also nailed one of the most painful parts when it comes to editing videos – matching transcription, subtitles, voice-over to the timeline. Livvyo made it so smooth and easy. Before using Livvyo, gluing on the computer’s screen to get the right words to the right place on the timeline always kills my mood. 

Not anymore!

For the first time ever, I realized how much time I can save just from editing video. 

Another thing I like about Livvyo is that the commercial license is included. It gives me the option to make extra bucks just by selling the translated videos for someone else.

Another way Livvyo saves me time is to allow users to use video straight from youtube. So if I accidentally run out of videos, I still have something to stream. 

In the live stream room, Livvyo allows you to put in Intro video and outro video. My personal tip is always to have an intro and outro for your stream. It might not sound necessary, but every successful streamer knows a great intro and outro make you more professional and trustworthy. 

Final Thoughts!

I don’t know about you, but to me, Livvyo is by far one of my best investments in video editing related software. 

I hope the information in my Livvyo review treats you well. Thank you for reading. And I’ll see you next time with more useful review articles.


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